Racks of costumes are ready to be sold

Washburn University had a Costume Sale at 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. Sept. 29 and 30 at the Washburn University Theatre. They will have two more costume sales at the same time Saturday, Oct. 6 and Sunday, Oct. 7. 

“The costumes are super cheap,” said Bre Gouge, volunteer and freshman at Washburn University. “I think it’s really cool to basically deliver the old costumes.”

The costumes are sold at an affordable price from $1 to $20. Both men and women’s costumes are available. Fur coats are available at $15 each, other coats and jackets are $10, purses and dresses are $5, sweaters are $3 and t-shirts, tops and pants are $1.

This is the first year for the costume sale.

“It’s the first time I saw an event like this,” said Christina Seeley, alumna who graduated from Washburn a few years ago. “I know Sharon Sullivan and I saw the event on the Facebook.”

Everyone is welcome to attend the costume sale. Students from different majors came to the event. Some graduates came back to the campus to choose costumes for themselves. More than 400 people have showed interest to the sale on the WU Costume Sale Facebook page.

People could choose different styles of costumes they liked from hundreds.

“I love the fact that we help our theater out by giving away the stuff at a very cheap price,” said Stormy Jakoby Lukasavage, theatre major who helped people at the sale. “It also helps the acting community.”

Fall cleaning has come to a close in the theater department. Many of the costumes are very new because they were used in previous shows. Some of the costumes are casual and everyday outfits while others are exaggerated. It depends on the style of different people.

“You know, it’s almost Halloween. It’s fun to get a costume for it,” Seeley said.

Seeley stayed in the theater for a while and chose several orange color costumes. 

Many students were volunteers in the sale, like Gouge and Lukasavage. They helped to guide people who came to the sale, organized the racks of costumes and handled payments at the front desk.

“It raises money for the theater department, so I think it’s worthy. It’s fun to get involved in it and it reminds me of my retail day,” said Gouge.

Gouge helped people to count the costumes and handled the payments.

All proceeds from the costume sale will be given to the Washburn Players, a student organization interested in theater that participated in community and campus events, for potential study abroad opportunities.

Washburn Players is dedicated to providing a creative environment where students can foster appreciation of the theatrical arts and the expression of each person. Washburn Players can be contacted using the Washburn Players Facebook page.

The Costume Sale will take place for two weekends. People can find something they like on the racks. More information can be found on the WU Costume Sale Facebook event.