Editorial: The importance of participation at Homecoming

Showing your school pride is more important than you think.

As a college student, I can say with reasonable certainty that attending Homecoming can change the way you see your school. I have attended the Washburn parade every Saturday morning since I was little. Every year, the students and their organizations are able to represent themselves to their family and friends. 

Taking part in Homecoming festivities can often seem like a chore. It happens on the weekend when all you want to do is sleep or lounge around your room watching cat videos. The best way to get involved with something like Homecoming, even when you don’t feel like it, is to just do it. Getting out of your comfort zone and experiencing things on campus can make a long four years go by much faster, and who knows, you might enjoy it.

Homecoming gives you an opportunity to meet other students and faculty. It unites the individual student with the student body. Events on the campus help to engage new students with the traditions of upperclassman and alumni. They provide students with a great atmosphere for growing new friendships and lasting memories. 

Athletes work incredibly hard, day after day, so that they can represent Washburn to the best of their abilities. It is the least we can do as fellow students to get out and support them in their ventures. If the athletes see student involvement, they are bound to work even harder knowing that they have a devoted fan base. 

For alumni, Homecoming means seeing people they haven’t seen in years. It gives alumni a chance to come back and talk to their friends and reconnect for the future. Alumni are key in Homecoming success, but without current students’ participation, Homecoming would be another tailgate in the parking lot. Current students are encouraged to talk with alumni, learn about past students’ successes and failures. Additionally, 75 percent of college student jobs are found through networking events. Students are urged to form these new bonds which could lead to internships and careers. 

Getting and staying connected with new friends at college can be difficult. Your class and work schedules can impede on maintaining friendships. It is a common habit for students to go to class, take notes and leave. I was in class with the same guy during my freshman year and never learned his name. Events like Homecoming give students a better venue for building these unexpected friendships. 

Homecoming is about showing support and school pride, but it is enjoyable as well. Homecoming provides students a weekend full of fun and games. Food is bountiful and many of the alumni barbecues and student cookouts offer tasty treats for little to no price. Homecoming consists of so many fun activities including football, dances, concerts and more.

If there are so many benefits going to Homecoming, then what are you waiting for? Click here for a comprehensive list of upcoming Homecoming events!