Mystery in the village

Tis’ the season. Sunday, September 23rd, a pool of blood was found on the second floor of the Washburn Village residents living. WUPO is investigating the scene. 

Residents of the Village reported blood descending from the second floor balcony down the steps Sunday, Sept. 23. WUPO was called and brought in to conduct a welfare check on every room in the village.

“We checked the rest of the complex for other signs of blood but there was nothing we coulfind except for in that specific area,” Chris Enos, chief of university police, said. “At this point we’re still investigating to try and determine if this was from an injury or what.”

Washburn Police’s next step of investigation is asking individuals that have information to come forward and talk with them about the situation. So far they’ve talked with residential living and residents of the Village.

Residents of the Village are as confused about the situation. Grayce Beery, sophomore at Washburn and DA for the Village, left over the weekend to go on a trip to Worlds Of Fun and came back to a crime scene.

“When I first got back on campus I was flooded with GroupMe messages from people on my floor,” Beery said. “Everyone was concerned about what was going on and kept asking what was happening.”

WUPO decided to work the evidence from the investigation as a crime scene just in case something comes of the situation later. Beery describes stepping into the apartments and seeing what looked like crime scene there were numbers around the pool of blood, a bloody handprint on the railing of the stairs and police officers surrounding the area around the stairs.

“When I started walking up the stairs where the incident was reported, police officers urged me to stay to the left and one officer said they had done wall checks,“ Beery said.

So far no one knows what happened the day of the incident. Until someone comes clean to WUPO it’s likey no one will ever know what caused the event.

Although no one really knows exactly what happened that day, one of the DA’s at the Village believes it was just the aftermath of a bloody nose.