Three Halloween candies to re-purpose

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You may have set your mind on passing out candy on Halloween night or partaken in an adventure down trick or treat street to collect some goodies of your own. Some of you may have been lucky enough to have inherited more candy than you know what to do with, or maybe less than you wanted but need to stretch amongst yourself and some buddies. Below are a few recipes that you can use to repurpose your goodies.



1 heaping cup creamy peanut butter. Jif or something similar for the stickier substance in preferred. Do not use natural or homemade peanut butter.

1/2 cup light corn syrup (light-colored)

1/2 cup granulated sugar

1/4 cup light brown sugar, packed

1 tablespoon vanilla extract

3 cups Rice Krispies cereal (substitute with vegan accommodations if necessary)

Chocolate Topping

1 cup diced Kit Kat bars

1 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips

1/4 cup creamy peanut butter

1 cup Rice Krispies cereal (vegan accommodations if necessary)

This recipe is a twist off of Rice Krispies treat bar, so the instructions are similar.


Step 1: Spray the entire base of your pan with cooking oil spray and place a sheet of foil on the inside.

Step 2: Set your pan aside. Mix your portions of peanut butter, corn syrup and sugars together in a microwave safe bowl. Heat your mixture for 1 minute. The consistency should be melted and grainy.

Step 3: Take out the bowl and mix, then return the mixture into the microwave for another minute.

Step 4:  Add vanilla extract and 3 cups of cereal into the mixture and stir.

Step 5: Empty mixture into the pan and smooth it into a flat surface, matching the shape of your pan.

Step 6: Set your pan to the side and whip out your Kit Kats.

Step 7: Dice your Kit Kats and stick them in the freezer.

Step 8: Combine, in a medium bowl your peanut butter, chocolate chips then put the bowl in the microwave for 1 minute, making sure the chocolate chips have completely melted and the mixture is smooth.

Step 9: After the chocolate mixture is smooth, add in a cup of cereal.

Step 10: Pour the chocolate over the flattened base in the pan, and smooth out with a flat utensil.

Step 11: Take your kit kats out of the freezer and place them strategically over the entire base, pushing them into the heated chocolate layer with your finger.

Step 12: Over the pan with foil to keep the fridge taste out of your bars, stick them in the fridge for 3-4 hours until completely solid and enjoy.

Two-Step M&M Pancakes


-Pancake mix that requires milk. (Aunt Jamima buttermilk pancakes)

-Baggies of M&M’s

-Milk to pancake ratio

-Non stick pan


Step 1: After you mix the pancake mix into the desired consistency, pour in a baggie of m&m’s and mix.

Step 2: Pour the pancakes into the pan and enjoy your Halloween candy pancakes.

Tip: if the M&M’s melt onto the pan, you can rinse your pan with hot water and stick it backon the stove to make sure that your next pancake doesn’t get burned.

Five-step Snickers Brownie Bites


-Brownie mix



-vegetable oil



Step 1: Prepare the pan with spray cooking oil all around the walls and base of the pan, and preheat your oven to the directed degree that’s listed on your brownie mix box.

Step 2: Read the box of the brownie batter that you chose, to make sure that you add in the correct amount of eggs, vegetable oil and milk (if any).

Step 3: Continue to add in your ingredients in accordance to your brownie box ingredients steps.

Step 4: As soon as your mix is completely mixed together, dice your snickers candies and toss them in the bowl. Mix them around the batter. Try to keep the diced pieces from breaking apart.

Step 5: Pour your brownie mix evenly into the pan.

Bake and enjoy your Snicker’s candy brownies.