Boo at the Zoo

“You’re having a giraffe!”: Giraffes, Sarge (front) and Hope (back), pictured behind the #TOPCITY photo booth sign. The Topeka Zoo and Conservation Center hosted “Boo at the Zoo”, an annual event which attracts thousands of families for Halloween and other fall activities. 

The Topeka Zoo and Conservation Center held their annual Boo at the Zoo  Oct. 20, and will continue Oct. 27. 

Thousands of families came to see the animals and partake in fall activities. Over 30 businesses and community service organizations were in attendance and passed out candy and goodies. Lunch was served at a discounted price and available for the public to enjoy as well.

Animals in their enclosures enjoyed the sunshine and cool fall breeze. Some animals even stopped to study all the young guests who were there in Halloween attire. 

Recently, the Topeka Zoo has made some big changes to its landscape. More exhibits are used to instruct the public on advantageous conservation habits. Enclosures have been made more visible to the guests so that animals can be seen even when they are taking their afternoon nap.

Early next month, they plan to begin construction on Kay’s Garden. This new addition will allow visitors a place of quiet contemplation and reflection while in the heart of the revamped local zoo. The garden will also be used by the new storm water drainage system to keep the people and animals in the Gage Park area safe.

Many have said the zoo does not have any new exhibits and hasn’t changed in forever. This is simply not true and one little trip to the zoo will prove otherwise.

Hannah Singleton, a Washburn alumni of the elementary education Department, spoke about Boo at the Zoo.

“The zoo provides families an opportunity to slow down and spend time together in nature observing animals that we wouldn’t be otherwise able to see close-up,” Singleton said. “We have been excited to take our son to the zoo since before he was born, and Boo at the Zoo was the perfect opportunity for his first zoo-going experience.” 

It is important to support not only the local business for economic success, but it is important to support the organizations that deal directly with the people of Topeka and provide them with a higher quality of life. 

Zoos teach people about the importance of nature and why we should treat the world with respect. They provide scientists easy access to study patterns of behavior among wild animal. They also keep many species from imminent extinction due to their inability to survive in their natural habitat. Saving these rare and beloved endangered species is one of the purposes of modern zoos. 

The Topeka Zoo has been an advocate of conservation and wildlife education since Gage Park’s founding in 1899.

Boo at the Zoo is another great location in Topeka, and it gives families a chance to bond while taking in views of some of the world’s most majestic wildlife.