The Zoo Makes News

The Topeka Zoo and Conservation Center is making great strides to create a more enticing experience and reach a broader community. Home to more than 400 animals and with 200,000 visitors a year, the Topeka Zoo has decided that isn’t enough. The zoo is not shying away from including new events and features to attract a greater population. From Fright Fest to brand new exhibits, the zoo is surely getting in the spirit of things.

In late August, the Topeka Zoo’s latest addition made an appearance. The exhibit allows visitors to experience the Safari. Coined Camp Cowabunga, it has already become a new community favorite.

According to U.S. News, the new addition includes a mixed species animal exhibit with patas monkeys, guinea fowl and tortoises. Featured in the exhibit is Dung Beetle Square, which showcases several different modes of safari transportation.

Marissa Wagner, a Topeka native and a freshman at Washburn, is a first-hand witness to the zoo’s attempts at bolstering its efforts.

“I love it… they brought in new animals which is good because there was more to see,” Wagner said, referencing the brand new exhibit.

Topeka Zoo is clearly making large efforts to influence public gravitation towards the establishment, and its working. In the near future, the zoo hopes to incorporate yet another new exhibit called Kay’s Garden.

According to the zoo’s website, Kay’s Garden is expected to be a world-class Japanese garden. Highlighting various different types of trees, shrubs, grasses, and bamboo, the garden will be built with the intention of drawing in those who enjoy reflecting on harmony and nature.

“I can’t wait for it to open. It will be a nice place to get away for awhile,” said Josh Geither, a freshman at Washburn.

Kay’s Garden will be unlike anything else featured in the zoo. Guests are excited for its 2019 arrival. 

Beyond new exhibits, the zoo is inviting the public to come enjoy a cool October evening amongst the animals in celebration of Halloween. Fright Fest, formerly known as BOOze at the Zoo, is an annual Halloween favorite hosted on Oct. 13 from 7:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. According to the Topeka Zoo website, this event is an adults-only fundraiser that will feature fall brew tastings, unlimited mixed drinks, festive shots, food trucks and DJ 151 Entertainment.

After recently losing their 58-year-old elephant, Sunda, the zoo atmosphere has been rather bleak. However, the dynamic is soon to change with the very recent birth of tiger cubs from the zoo’s Sumatran tiger, Jinga. Teaming up with the local public television station, KTWU, the birth was able to be live streamed.

The efforts of the Topeka Zoo have skyrocketed recetnly. Its work has proven to be incredibly successful. Its new opportunities have gained a lot of attention as the zoo continues to make improvements.