Top 5 Youtube channels for gamers

If you are looking for something new to watch as a gamer, or maybe you just want to stay in the know, but don’t want to watch a bunch of sponsored content, then here are a few channels you might be interested in.

  1. Outside xbox

If you play anything, and I mean anything digital, you need to be watching Outsidexbox. Don’t let the name deceive you. This channel does way more than reviewing Xbox games. They cover everything from PS4 to computer games. There are even mobile games thrown into the mix. They also do gameplay video, which are super fun to watch as none of the trio of hosts claim to be expert game. Instead they play more like average joes do with our friends on the couch. They make lists of videos, such as “7 spammy moves you love to spam” or “7 video game vacations from hell.” In this lists they go through games new and old and remind their viewers of the fun had in them. Plus, if you really like them and binge watch all their content, don’t worry they have a sister channel.

2. Outside Xtra

Outside Xtra is similar to their big sister in that they have lists and gameplay videos, but there are some key differences. The first being that the channel has two different hosts and their “Show of the Weekend” videos tend to be honest opinion videos on the games the group is playing and how they feel about them without any sponsored bias. There is also weekly made up games like drawing contest and choose your own adventure like stories that the hosts challenge each other two which make for some hilarious antics. Outside Xtra also does video games for nearly every console imagainable, and did I mention they also sometimes play Dungeons & Dragons, cause yeah, they do that too.

3. Taking20

Speaking of D&D if that is more your speed then you should be over here with the rest of us at Taking20. Run by Cody, this channel is all about pen and paper role play, not just D&D, but Pathfinder, Star Wars, Shadowrun, if it involves rolling dice and playing a character, Taking 20 has you covered. What makes Taking20 unique is that in addition to tutorial videos on how to play the games you love, Cody also has many videos on theorycrafting as well. Videos like “Kill your party with…” or one of his better and more recent ones, “Why your villains suck” go way beyond how to play the game and instead delve into the deep aspects of a roleplaying game and explore the questions that both players and Dungeon Masters have inevitably asked. Cody is also super nice and is answers his pays a lot of attention to his community.

4. Door Monster

While not an informative Youtube channel, like Taking20 or the Outside gang, Door Monster does also combine video games and roleplaying games into their videos, they just do it through humor. Ever thought that selling trash items to a vendor in a video game is kind of silly, or how dialogue wheels can be a bit deceiving at times? Well so did Door Monster and they decided to make comedy sketches about it. Their videos loving make fun of everything from PUBG, to Civilization and yes, even Dungeons and Dragons. The small group of friends have also made a movie called “The Guards Themselves” that can be watched on amazon prime, and they are in the process of making a second. If you ever need a second to sit back and laugh as your favorite video games are lovingly ripped on, I suggest taking a look at Door Monster, but be warned, you may not be very productive for the rest of the day.

5. LGR

The Lazy Gamer Reviewer does not just review any game, oh no, he reviews games that have long since been played, reviewed, and forgotten but since plenty of us were not born yet when these games were made its all new to us. Yes if you are interested in the history of the video game world, then look no further then LGR who will not only tell you the good and the bad of these older games, but also what the gaming systems they were played on where like and how things have changed. Though he is probably best known for his Sims games reviews, LGR has done plenty of other franchises and games, such as Duke Nukem Elder Scrolls, city simulation games and much more. He is probably one of the most honest reviewers you will come across, to the point that some game companies stopped giving him free copies of games because of his completely honest feedback. I would be lying if I said that my opinions on whether to buy a game or not have often been changed by watching one or more of his videos. If you’re looking for something a little bit different in the video game Youtube world, I’d recommend checking out LGR’s channel.