‘The Angle’ seeks student writing

“The Angle” is a new journal of student academic and creative writing from across all disciplines and courses. It will be open to any student enrolled at Washburn.

The authors are seeking the best examples of student writing in four categories, including Best First-Year Essay, Best Essay in the Arts and Humanities, Best Essay in the Natural and Social Sciences and Best Creative Work.

“We want to celebrate writing with it,” said Ande Davis, the managing editor of “The Angle.”

“The Angle” will publish both academic and creative work beginning in 2019. It aims to show the variety and quality of work being done on the campus.

“It’s a real process of getting your work published for anyone who’s going to graduate schools or interested in publishing their creative work,” said Jennifer Pacioianu, the managing editors of “The Angle.” “It’s a practice of the process that treating your work as a professional endeavor.”

All submissions will be considered for the annual prizes as well as for publication. One winner in each category will be awarded a cash prize and will be published in the 2019 edition of The Angle along with a number of notable essays selected from the submissions. The monetary awards are acknowledgment of students’ good work.

“It causes nothing to submit,” said Davis. “There is nothing to lose, but everything to gain.”

It emphasizes how writing works in different fields, subjects and areas. Students submit stuff they’ve done in class or things they would like to see that means something in their course. The writing works can come from various classes, science classes, nursing, social science, music, art, history or education.

“The Angle” gives students a real sense that this is an actual place with an actual audience who will see their work. On the flip side, it also allows faculties to use the selected work in class and show students.

“There is really good students’ work,” said Davis. “We want to make sure that the students get recognized for doing that good work.”

Once the journal is published, there will be pages where people can get the journal online and read it for free and download it. Teachers can share them with their students in class.

Davis and Pacioianu are trying to work out a way to do a small print run as well. They try to spread as far across the campus as they can get. There might be hard copies of the journal. For the most part, “The Angle” will be an online project.

“It’s a good tool for professors but also a very exciting thing for students to see their work,” said Pacioianu. “It’s a good thing.”

Students can visit the page of The Angle at www.washburn.edu/angle to see full guidelines and to submit the work online. The deadline for submission is May 17, 2019.

If anyone has any questions, contact the editors via [email protected].