Athlete of the week: Mitch Schurig

After being born in Pittsburg, Kansas, and then moving to Topeka, senior quarterback Mitch Schurig has become all too familiar with Washburn and its football program. Attending Washburn Rural High School, Schurig stayed close to home to further his football career somewhere familiar.

“I grew up around the university my whole life with my dad being the coach. I’ve had family that’s been involved with it and I’ve been involved with it too,” Schurig said.

When asked how he feels about being coached by his dad, Craig Schurig, Schurig expresses that he’s just grateful for the opportunity to play college football.

“I didn’t know if I was good enough [to play for Washburn]. But I got the opportunity and I like it. My dad’s the coach on the field but off the field he’s still my dad,” says Schurig.

Away from the field, Schurig says he likes to spend his time relaxing and catching up on his shows.

“When I’m not playing football, I watch a lot of Netflix. Currently I’m watching House of Cards since they have a new season. I’m a huge [Game of] Thrones guy, Ozark, anything popular on Netflix I’ve tried to get into,” Schurig says.

Outside of his football talents, Schurig says he doesn’t do anything much cooler than competing on the field.

“I’m a good skier so I can go down some black diamonds if you consider that cool. Other than that, I can’t think of anything,” jokes Schurig.

“I want to win an MIAA championship for sure. Once you’re in the playoffs, anything can happen,” expresses Schurig.

As far as accomplishments go, Schurig has had plenty in his football career. He says his biggest one came earlier this season.

“My first start against Central Missouri [earlier in the 2018 season]. I was really proud of the opportunity, it was really fun,” gushed Schurig.

As for his dad being his coach, Schurig says they make an effort to bond outside of the football field.

“I go over there [to his dad’s house] to eat dinner every once in awhile to get a home cooked meal and hangout. After games, we typically get Chick-Fil-A or something, occasionally go to Happy Basset… nothing crazy,” explains Schurig.

When considering his favorite part about playing for Washburn, Schurig gives credit to his teammates and coaches.

“The guys. It’s a good group of people to play with. The strength coach is awesome. You can always go there and lift and get good advice from him. He’s a good dude. The coaches are really nice, it’s a family atmosphere,” says Schurig.

To Schurig, having close teammates is important to the success they [the team] have as a whole.

“How close knit we are together, some of them have good relationships with each other and care for each other on and off the field,” Schurig explains.

Senior offensive lineman Andy Soto attests to Schurig’s qualities that make him a great teammate himself.

“He’s a great guy and great teammate. He stepped up when we needed him and played great. I liked blocking for him, he made my job easy by staying in the pocket and getting the ball out,” says Soto.

After receiving his degree in physical science, Schurig has hopes to become a winning coach somewhere local. 

“I’d like to stay in Kansas, but also if the opportunity presents itself I wouldn’t mind moving outside somewhere else,” Schurig said. 

Having family members here in town has been helpful to Schurig and his football career.

“They’re very supportive, they’re always calling and texting me, just trying to keep me motivated by saying I’m doing a good job and they’re proud of me,” Schurig said.

Schurig says the only downside to having his dad as his football coach is the inability to rant about his decisions on the field like other players sometimes do. 

According to Schurig one improvement Washburn students could make is working harder to support each other and school athletics.

“I try to go to a lot of sporting events… so I just want people to come out and support the athletes. This is our school and we should want success for everybody,” Schurig says.