Washburn Pitch Competition open to everyone on campus

The School of Business Pitch Competition, held by entrepreneurship and business professor David Price, is an annual event that gives students a chance at winning a cash prize for delivering an impressive business pitch. Price is the coordinator, along with Hailey Handy, and the sign ups were submitted on Friday, Nov. 2 at 5 p.m. The knockout round of the competition will be held this Thursday, Nov. 8 from 1 p.m to 3 p.m. The winners of this knockout round will compete in the finals round the following Thursday, Nov. 15 at 7 p.m. in the Bradbury Thompson Alumni Center. The winners will be competing for a piece of a cash prize totaling $25,000. The money was donated by Go Topeka.

“The Pitch competition is something that I have witnessed last year,” said sophomore English major Angela Gray. “I didn’t participate, but the fact that this is even happening is great, since being in college is tough on students and faculty, so the opportunity to win $25,000 is something that a lot of people want.”

The knockout round will be held in four different rooms in the Memorial Union: Washburn A/B, the Kansas room and the Shawnee room. It has been arranged this way because the competition is open to both students and faculty of Washburn University and Washburn Tech. The winners of the knockout round will be announced at roughly 3 p.m., depending on how long it takes to get through everyone. The top competitors from each room will advance to the final as well as a wildcard choice. These five students or groups will compete in the finals on Nov. 15. 

“This is an amazing opportunity for many students, especially those who are paying for their classes themselves without financial aid,” said Spanish major Brian Sazo. “It is something that can help relieve the burden and stress that comes with going through college on your own.”