Activities to do during winter break

With the semester coming to an end, many Washburn students will be returning home for their winter break, while some students can’t return home or Topeka is their home. This has many students asking what is there to do in Topeka.

According to, Topeka is a city of roughly 125,000 people, so there is surely something fun to do with a population of that size.

There are several websites and resources with lists of fun things to do in a variety of cities that are available. TripAdvisor, VisitTopeka and VacationIdea are just a few websites that feature fun Topeka activities.

TripAdvisor’s top recommended things to do in Topeka include the Evel Knievel Museum, Lake Shawnee or a visit to the Kansas State Capital Building.

These are all great recommendations, but they do not have a local perspective on Topeka and what there is to do here.

According to Visit Topeka, drop into the North Topeka Arts District for an amazing First Friday Artwalk filled with all kinds of art, music, food, shopping and fun. Spend a relaxing day on the links or search for treasures at one of our many antique stores.

VisitTopeka focuses mainly on nightlife, arts and cultural attractions. They sponsor events at Serendipity like Drag and Burlesque shows. Many Washburn Students have attended these events because of VisitTopeka’s brochures.

VisitTopeka has a list of events for the entire year and it is definitely worth checking out for Winter break.

“I like to explore abandoned buildings, but when it’s cold outside I usually just go to the movies or I like going to the Burger Stand with friends to play Ping Pong,” said Chloe jones, freshman psychology major and Topeka native.

The cold often inspires people to stay in and do nothing, which can be both relaxing and incredibly boring. However, there are many locations around Topeka that can be fun to spend the evening with friends.

“Goofy golf is also the,” Jones said. “The Pennant is also great. It’s in the downtown area and they have awesome food, bowling and arcade games.”

Students not from Topeka don’t usually know of anything to do here when they arrived.

One thing some students mentioned was what they really needed was a cute, local coffee shop that had a good study environment.

This can all be found at  Judee’s Coffee, which is truly a hidden gem in Topeka and locals highly recommend checking this place out over break.

Jones also shared activities to do in Topeka outside of winter, which would be great to know after break.

“When it’s warmer outside, I like to go rooftopping in the downtown area or I enjoy going to Gage Park to go hammocking. I also like to go to the Governor’s Mansion to walk the trails with my dog,” Jones said.

There are many things to do in Topeka. It is just a matter of looking in the correct places, which usually consists of downtown Topeka or on check