Worried About Staying Healthy Over the Holidays?

Health kick: Stay healthy during winter by following a few simple steps. 

 Ringing in the New Year is just around the corner. Many of us are last minute Christmas shopping, dreading spending time with the weird uncle that only comes around once a year, and most importantly establishing New Year’s resolutions.

Infographics from The Statistics Portal, which conducts international polls, reports that the top New Year’s resolution from last year was getting more exercise. Ironically, it is the resolution that many people struggle with the most, alongside saving money and eating healthier.

Setting goals is a great concept, but only does you good if you follow through with them. It is easy to set them to the side when we all have busy schedules, such as work, school, or families. There are plenty of obstacles to surpass, but there are also a number of ways to overcome them.

Everyone struggles with making the decision of what to cook for dinner after a long day or simply stopping to get some relatively fresh chicken nuggets. Sometimes it’s hard to stay on track, in which case it’s necessary to establish tips and tricks to stay on track with obtaining and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. If you too plan to declare a new lifestyle come New Year’s, let’s learn how to ring it in right.

One of the top tips to getting healthy is also something that many face as their first obstacle. The top tip is to just get started. Success will never come if you never actually begin your journey. Motivation can build quickly once you take the first step. In this case, it is not the thought that counts. Getting off the couch and going to the gym is one of the most difficult hurdles. Creating a plan and sticking to it is the best way to overcome this initial struggle. One tip is to set out everything for the next day so you can go in the morning before work.

The second best tip that you could engage in is being firm but understanding yourself and your capabilities. The first time you hit the gym, you won’t be able to lift like the professionals or run a 5K. It’s important to not make excuses, but to also acknowledge what you are capable of. Aiming for perfection leads to failure. Accepting yourself for where you are in your journey is the type of mindset you need to strive for. Appropriate work out plans can be found online or can even be bought via a personal trainer. Finding a routine you enjoy makes it feel less like a chore and makes you more excited to get in the gym. 

Another great trick is to make working out a social event. A sense of support and community can really change the way you think about getting fit. There is strength in numbers. Having interpersonal relationships that recognize our efforts and applaud us for doing so is one of the biggest motivators a person can have. Company and positive reinforcement can make or break your experience on the journey to getting healthy.

One of the most important tips, however, is to take care of yourself above all else. It is important to get healthy the right way. Following fad diets or taking unhealthy routes to lose weight will never be sustainable and can actually really harm your body. According to the National Eating Disorders Association, “Anorexia is the third most common chronic disease among young people, after asthma and type 1 diabetes.” It is important to get the proper nutrients and spend time being active because your body needs that energy to run throughout the day. Proper dietary regulations can also easily be found online. 

Marissa Wagner, a freshman at Washburn, shares one of her top tips. She says to “utilize portion control.” She recognizes how hard it is to live in the dorms at college and maintain a healthy diet. “The freshman fifteen is real, the best advice I can give you is to watch how much you’re consuming. That can make all the difference.”

Mckenzie Hoover, also a freshman, has said that with some dedication, it is not terribly hard to do.

“Since moving in, I have cut sodium, stopped drinking soda, and have cut down on junk food. I feel so much better about myself. If you watch the nutrition facts, you can eat healthier,” said Hoover.

Health is important for so many reasons. Keeping your New Year’s resolution is not impossible, especially when you are smart about using good strategies.