A year in review

2018 has been a long year full of new movements, new policies and a lot of changes. Student Media has published hundreds of articles this year, so take a look at a review of what happened on campus this year.


Editorial: The clock has run out, this article is an Editorial, meaning that it is an opinion-based story published with support of Student Media staff.

In this article, Student Media discusses the Times Up movement that began in the new year and that Washburn needs to push back against this type of behavior. Not only did this article provide the platform of the movement but it also took a stance. Editorials are rare for the news organization, which is why this one is such a big deal. Taking part and supporting such a controversial topic shows unity. This was an interesting way to start off the year, but it leads to a collective organization. It also shows that Washburn is willing to face such controversial topics, especially with sexual harassment training being implemented into the first-year experience.


New organization welcomes first generation students with open arms: Jenny Lieurance, a communications major, founded a new organization on campus called We Are F1rst.

This organization was founded on the goal of creating a support system for first generation students to ask for help. College can be confusing, especially for people with no one else to help them through the process. Approximately 48 percent of Washburn students are first generation students, so this organization can help a lot of people.


Alpha delta raises over $2,500 at charity ball. The sorority held the annual Sweetheart Ball Feb. 18, which raised over $2,500.

The ball included food, dancing, silent auctions and a performance by the Topeka High School Jazz Band. The sororities chosen philanthropy is diabetes awareness and research. The proceeds of this event went to organizations such as the American Diabetes Association, the Topeka Cosmopolitan Club, the Emerald City Cosmopolitan Club of Topeka and River City Cosmopolitan Club of Lawrence. These clubs are all dedicated to educating and providing funds for the treatments of diabetes.


New WSGA president has been preparing most of his life: The newly elected President of the Washburn Student Government Association is Zac Surritt.

He is a senior public administrations major and has been a part of WSGA since his sophomore year. He immediately became interested in politics during the 2008 presidential election and has been hooked ever since. When he transferred to Washburn for his sophomore year, he quickly joined WSGA and ran for student body president. Although he didn’t win that position, he was elected as budget director, which gave him a good foothold to gain experience and make connections on campus.


Men’s tennis upsets top ranked team at nationals: In the first round of nationals the Washburn tennis team took down Lander University.

Lander University was seeded fourth in nationals, but Washburn beat them 5-3. In the next round they lost to the University of Indianapolis 1-5, but their stunning upset against Lander is something the tennis team will continue to be proud of throughout their seasons. This was the first time in Washburn’s tennis history that the team made it to the elite eight of nationals.


Kansas Capitol tour leaves lasting impression: A reporter for Student Media went on a tour of the capital here in Topeka and learned more about Kansas’ history.

The capital displays beautiful architecture and artwork throughout the entire building. The tour is a good way to see the whole capital and get a look behind the scenes. It also gives a great crash course in Kansas history. The tour is a great way to get acclimated to Topeka and it is a fun and unique way for college students to spend a day.


Community comes together to help alumna after destruction of house: Ashley Nadeau, 2011 Washburn graduate and former Student Media employee, lost her house in a natural gas explosion.

The Washburn community came together to raise money for her and her infant daughter to afford a new home as well as clothes and other necessary items. A GoFundMe page was started by TPAC, as well as a donation drop off at their box office and at the Jayhawk Theatre.


The Ichabod Success Institute: Dream to Achieve, Washburn has a program for incoming first generation freshman that encourages and supports them through their college education.

This was the Washburn’s second year of the program, and it has been seen as a great way to help students get their degree. It not only creates a panel of faculty a struggling student can turn to, but also a student and peer community. Most of the Success Institute alumni even continue to get together in a study group even though their time in the institute is over.


Senator Bob Dole was honored with a statue at Washburn University, A statue in honor of Washburn alumna, Senator Bob Dole was unveiled Sept. 28 in front of Carnegie Hall.

After serving in World War II, he graduated from Washburn University with a bachelors and doctorate degree. He then went on to serve as a representative of Kansas in the United States Congress. The statue was created to inspire Washburn students to work hard and achieve their own dreams and goals.


“Walk a Mile in Her Shoes” raises awareness about sexual violence, “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes” was created to raise awareness about sexual violence on campuses.

Washburn’s Inter-Fraternity Council hosted the event Oct. 27. About 15 participants put on high heels and had to walk a mile in them and cross a finish line. There was a suggested donation of $5 to help raise funds for the Washburn Student Advocacy Support Fund. Participants walked a mile in high heels to raise awareness about the serious causes and effects of sexualized violence against women.


Volleyball caps off stellar season with national semi-final finish, the volleyball team had a killer season this year and ended it by making it to the NCAA division II nationals.

This is only the second time the volleyball team has ever made it into the semifinals, the first time was in 2007. The volleyball team finished with an impressive record of 33-15, but what their most proud of is the bond the formed. The team was tight knit and had a lot of chemistry, which was the greatest contributor to their success.


Governor-elect Laura Kelly speaks at “My Fellow Kansans”, the Georgia Neese Gray Theatre at Washburn was packed with people eager to listen to Laura Kelly during the podcast “My Fellow Kansas.”

She discussed her priorities and plans for Kansas during the podcast, the main thing being that her top priorities as governor will be Medicaid expansion and improving education and the foster care system. Kelly hopes to fulfill the promises that were made a long time ago and put Kansas back together. Kelly will be sworn into office Jan. 14, 2019.