Bods relieve stress with stitch and bitch

Helping Hands: Analisa Chavez-Muñoz helping Lesley Ayala understand the basics of crocheting.

The end of the semester is always seen as a stressful time by students and professors alike. Adding a pandemic into the mix has done nothing but add to this stress.

When stress becomes too much to handle, sometimes you need an outlet to let your frustration out and for someone to sit beside you and listen; that is where Stitch and Bitch comes into play. Analisa Chavez-Muñoz took this creative outlet where you learn to crochet and can speak your mind in a safe space to the Multicultural Intercession space in the Union last week on Wednesday, April 28.

“It is pretty much just all of us getting around in crocheting, as a way to sort of de-stress and take out our anger and just kind of talk about whatever’s bothering us,” said Chavez-Muñoz.

She is taking this opportunity to create an environment that can be a place where students can build community, which is one of their goals for this semester.

First-year student Pat Moore took this opportunity to meet and greet with her fellow Washburn students.

“It’s just nice to crochet with other people,” said Moore.

There was a Stitch and Bitch once already this semester; the strong turnout made it a no-brainer to have the event again with hopes of continuing it into the fall and for years to come.

Edited by: Madison Dean, Crystal Hendrix