Students reflect on the pandemic in Sociology 100

Editor’s Note: The slideshow of the student, faculty and staff contributions were not edited by Student Media. We suggest viewing the slideshow on a tablet or a laptop to read the text more easily.

For the fall 2020 and the Spring 2021 semesters, Sangyoub Park, an associate professor in the sociology/anthropology department, has encouraged his students to take time to reflect on this theme, “Capture this moment: Me in the COVID Pandemic.”

Work from the following students, faculty and staff is included in the spring 2021 gallery:  Jase Adams, Tess Coffindaffer, Jackson, Cousin, Rhyan Cropper, Journie Davis, Allison Dunn, Anthony Fields, Christopher Glenn, Quasha Grover, Brady Hooper, Courtney Huerter, Keevin Hunt, Lindsey M. Ibañez, Michealla Kastrup, Daniel Kramer, Katey Lay, Melissa Lewis, Jeremy Mauro, Grace Millis, Sangyoub Park, Ella Prengel, Beauty Simmons, Cameron Smith, Philitia Smith, Tina Williams and Zachary L. Yelland.