Dear Smalls,

How can I find an on campus job, and are they flexible with school schedules?


Dear Jobless,

Try going to the Washburn website at Then find the tab that says Student Employment, click it and explore the open job opportunities, and yes, because the jobs are specifically for students, your work hours revolve around your school schedule. Washburn employers always make sure that student employees have a healthy balance.

Good luck!



Dear Smalls,

What are your top three New Years resolutions?

Mine are pass with B’s, drink more water and budget.

-Nosey Rosey

Dear Nosey Rosey,

Great resolutions! My top 3 New Years resolutions are:

  1. Try not to be so secretive. (Ironic, right?)
  2. Pass online exams without Quizlet.
  3. Find an alternative for caffeine.



Dear Smalls,

I failed college algebra twice, what do you recommend me doing?

-Bad at Math

Dear Bad at Math,

I would start by talking to your advisor about alternative options. Depending on if your major requires that specific course or not, you may be able to sneak by with essentials of math. A few of my buddies have actually taken College Algebra at Allen Community college and have had their credits transfer to Washburn.

P.S. You’re not bad at math so don’t be so hard on yourself. Math is just like a complicated relationship that has hope if you work on it.

Good luck and don’t give up,