Athlete Feature: Caitlin Fuller

Dolled Up: Junior flyer Caitlin Fuller cleans up for a Washburn event. Fuller has been a part of the Bod cheer squad for the past three years.

After attending and graduating from Atchison County Community High School, junior Caitlin Fuller chose to continue her education as well as her cheer career here at Washburn University.

As for family life, Fuller says she holds them to high importance and learns a lot of life lessons from both her parents and her older sister. Fuller’s mother, Sue, works at the Lansing Correctional Facility under the deputy warden. Her father, Rusty, works at correctional corporation of America. Danielle, her older sister, is pursuing her degree in sociology at Benedictine College.

Once her journey in the Integrated Studies Program at Washburn has reached its end and she receives her Bachelors in Business and Communications next year, Fuller hopes to start working in sales while coaching the next generation in gymnastics and cheerleading. 

“My dream is to help others find their love for cheer or gymnastics like I did. By becoming a coach, I can help motivate them to grow as a person and an athlete while also being able to stay in the cheer/gymnastics world. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to give it up completely, so coaching would be the next step in my cheer journey,” Fuller said.

Since coming to Washburn as a freshman, Fuller says she hasn’t had any issues at Washburn. She thinks it’s a perfect fit for her and is glad she chose such a helpful university to pursue her educational and athletic goals.

“My experience at Washburn has all been positive. I’ve met some of the most amazing people in my life and have enjoyed all the things this campus has offered me,” said Fuller.

When asked how cheer has influenced her college experience, Fuller had nothing but positive things to say about the sport and her school.

“Cheerleading has been a major motivator for me and has also encouraged me to do well in my classes. School hasn’t always been the easiest for me, so I’m very thankful that the professors at Washburn and my coach are always available to help and push me to do my best while also having cheer to be a stress reliever,” said Fuller.                           

Sophomore base and teammate to Fuller, Tateum Hughes, credits Fuller for her free yet hardworking spirit.

“Caitlin is very dedicated and always ready to work. She makes cheer fun while also staying very focused so we can get everything done that needs to be done,” explains Hughes.

Aside from cheering on her fellow Bod athletes, Fuller says she finds passion in helping others any way she can.

“I love working out and also helping others improve their health mentally and physically,” Fuller said.

As far as accomplishments go, Fuller says her most memorable one is winning a state championship in powerlifting during her senior year of high school.

“It was one of the best experiences of my life, next to competing and going to state in track and cross country during my high school career. It was such a rush and I hope to feel that way again someday,” said Fuller.

One day, Fuller hopes to expand her adventurous side and cross some things off her bucket list.

“I really want to go skydiving and travel to Italy at some point. I’ve spent most of my time cheering and going to school so I can’t wait to be able to have time to just see the world and experience new things,” said Fuller.