Backstreet’s Back: the group releases new album “DNA”

Man band: the five member iconic boy band is back years later with new album, “DNA.” The Backstreet Boys spent the past year on a world tour.

Washburn Review

It’s in their DNA.

Back for their first album since 2013, Jan. 25, the iconic 90’s heart throb boy band brought us 12 songs that merge their tried and true style with the ever-evolving tastes of today’s society. Being 23 years since their debut album in 1996, the release of this album earns the Backstreet Boys the title of man-band. Whether you’re excited or slightly confused at the news of the return of the Backstreet Boys, I prompt you to give the album a listen.

Admittedly, I was never a die-hard Backstreet Boys fan, but this album features songs co-written by some hit artists, including Shawn Mendes and Andy Grammar, that I have been jamming to since middle school. In doing this, they reach audiences with varying music tastes. The group credits this to the idea that the album is a combination of each of their personalities, hence the album title, “DNA.”

Two of the songs, which happen to be two of my favorites, have music videos. “Chances” discusses the idea of fate versus chance and asks the questions, “what if I had never run into you,” and “what are the odds?” Whether you believe in one or the other, this video is sure to make you wish you could find love in a train station.

The second, “No Place,” shows heartwarming images and videos of each of the men and their wives and kids enjoying life together, claiming, “there ain’t no place like you.”

The song “Breathe” immediately gives me the mental image of a dimly lit stage, shining a single light on each of the men as they take turns doing solos at the beginning of this a cappella number. With all the finger snaps and harmonies you would expect from the Backstreet Boys, they also deliver an unexpectedly soothing melody about the heartbreak that comes along with breaking up.

Then there’s songs like, “Passionate,” “OK” and “New Love” that will immediately have you toe-tapping and on your feet dancing.

The album offers a good mix of songs that will have you in your feels then in the groove. The style of the album can’t be pinned down as one single adjective. As someone with a taste in music as intricate as the Backstreet Boys’ synchronized dances, I can honestly say that I found a little bit of something to love in each song.

Each of the songs has a central theme of love, whether that be enjoying it, getting over it or questioning it. However, don’t take that to mean that they’re all the same. The Backstreet Boys have truly put their DNA into this album, proving that while they are older, they still understand the emotions that go along with new love and can now add wisdom and experience to the spectrum. This is the kind of album that’s easy to listen to and hard to critique. You obviously don’t have to listen to it, but if it was up to me, let’s just say, “I Want it That Way.”