Bods Feeding Bods plans Grand Reopening

Morgan Holloway

The Washburn community may have seen Bods Feeding Bods on the move all over campus participating and sponsoring various drives. On Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Bods Feedings Bods physically moved the food pantry from Henderson 19 to Kuehne 101. 

Bods Feeding Bods began when Kelsey Rose, a Bonner scholar, was working on a psychology research project that surveyed the campus on food insecurity. 

Kristine Hart, associate director and lecturer for the Center for Community Services, has mentored students since the formation of the organization. 

“She [Rose] was surprised to find that of the people that responded, about 50 percent of students said that they didn’t always have enough food to get them through the month. With the food services and students living in the dorms, she really didn’t expect it to be that high,” said Hart. 

Rose founded Bods Feeding Bods in the fall of 2014 when she believed students shouldn’t have to choose between getting an education and feeding themselves. Along with Rose, students helped form Bods Feeding Bods from the psychology department, Christian Challenge, Bonner Scholars and LinC 

“It was students wanting to help students and they just did an amazing job. Now it’s only grown with people like Emma [Staats] and other students so that it’s not only food, but it’s hygiene products. And every time I turn around, they have this great idea for something else for the students that have need on this campus,” said Kris. 

Emma Staats, junior criminal justice major, is the volunteer coordinator for Bods Feeding Bods. Bods Feeding Bods is an on-campus resource for anyone with a Washburn ID. What started out as a food pantry, is now in the process of collecting hygiene products, hats, coats, gloves and more to meet everyone’s needs.  

Staats is excited to announce the re-opening of Bods Feeding Bods Feb. 14. 

“Our grand re-opening, which is happening on Valentine’s Day from 3 to 5 p.m., will be at Kuehne 101. We’re going to have free t-shirts, cookies and cocoa. We’re just encouraging everyone to come out and see it to know where the new location is and know what resources are provided,” Staats said. 

Pizza Pub coupons will also be given to students that attend the event. 

According to Staats, many of the goods get thrown out because it doesn’t get used. Bods Feeding Bods is also working to break down the stigma of food insecurities. 

“I think it’s really engrained in our culture that if you can’t provide for your family or yourself, you are less than. We have this kind of idea that people need to pull themselves up by their bootstraps. It’s all tied to this idea of an American Dream that’s kind of unachievable,” said Staats. 

Bods Feeding Bods wants to encourage all students to use the food pantry and know that they are here to support the Washburn community. 

 “It’s really what students do for each other and their peers to make sure that everyone can be successful at Washburn. That’s why I do my job is because I love to see this kind of stuff. They inspire me every day,” said Kris.