Best of Netflix: ‘Moon’ review

Sam Rockwell does beyond just an amazing performance in a wonderful treat of a movie. 

I have been using Reddit for years, and one of the most well loved films on the forum is “Moon” (2009), directed by Duncan Jones and starring Sam Rockwell.

“Moon” is about the isolated Sam Bell, a man near the end of a three-year under a shady corporation, to be on a special station planted on the moon to monitor activity. He is joined by an automated AI, along with a fully automated facility, voiced by Kevin Spacey. Fortunately, GERTY doesn’t have the biggest role in the film, so Spacey doesn’t stain the movie to the point of being unwatchable much like many others. 

Odd things soon occur on the station while Sam starts to question his sanity and his employer’s motives. Rockwell is the substantial presence in the movie, and in every way he absolutely kills it. Sam is a wonderfully relatable and nuanced performance, but he also gets to demonstrate varied acting chops, and he carries this movie. He has certainly made me an absolute fan.

It is difficult to talk about this movie without revealing details about the plot, but it is a well executed slow burn. Sometimes in film, a slow burn can make a film dreary and sleep inducing, but “Moon” sticks out. It had me from the beginning and it didn’t let up. It mounted with tensity as the ending approached, but even seeing Sam doing everyday tasks was a joy to watch. Being a fan of the “Blade Runner” series and “Westworld,” this film has the depth in film I crave. “Moon” hit me with deep thought that I truly loved.

I also enjoyed the aesthetic and the soundtrack. This film is essentially a one-setting movie. It nails the claustrophobic, isolated high-tech space station that it would feel like. The cinematography was a treat, and Clint Mansell’s score was also excellent. It brought me back to “Blade Runner,” and also “Alien,” in that the best science fiction films have a clearly defined atmosphere, and “Moon” is no exception.

The only problems that the films have are Spacey, and the subjective nature of the plot. The film had me gripped from beginning to end, but hearing reactions of others, the film may seem to not make sense in some ways. However, Rockwell really makes this film make sense in that area and the plot can be clearly, logically thought out after watching it from beginning to end.

Overall, “Moon” is without a doubt one of the best modern sci-fi films I have ever seen, and it blew me away. It has some issues, but those are easily drowned out by how well done and simplistic, yet complex this movie is. The aesthetic, the music and especially Rockwell’s wonderful performance makes “Moon” a must watch for any Netflix subscriber.