Dear Smalls,

This year I was planning to start budgeting, or at least to save some money, but it’s tougher than I had anticipated.

Any Advice?

-money problems

Dear Money Problems,

Luckily for you, Washburn offers financial counseling services for students to help us “make sense of our dollars.” The website to learn more about financial counseling is You can stop by the Washburn Student One Stop to ask more questions regarding the SALT program.

I would also check out a list of skill shops in the Mabee library. These are free to attend and open to any Washburn student or faculty.

Good luck,


Dear Smalls,

I am a freshman and I have enrolled in 12 credit hours with two of my classes being online, and I completely forgot about them this whole first week of classes.



Dear Oopsie,

Calm down, relax and don’t freak out.

First things first, you must meet with your advisor, talk about what you need to do next in terms of your academic life and your home life. You need to find a balance, which is easier said than done. Most likely your advisor will help you come up with a schedule to help you treat your online classes like a real class.

Invest in a planner that will inspire you to want to keep your life organized. Planners are on sale at Target, Joann’s and Hobby Lobby.

Lastly, get started on your classes. You have the rest of the semester, so hopefully you haven’t missed out on too much of the work, since it’s only the first week.

Don’t freak out. We all feel like that at one point or another.



Dear Smalls,

My girlfriend wants me to buy her these ridiculously expensive bra’s from Victoria’s Secret, but I think it’s pointless to spend so much money on something like that, especially after I just spent $600 on books. How can I tell her that?

-Roger that

Dear Roger that,

People are very complicated beings, we all have very different morals and values that don’t make sense to everyone.

 For example, my partner spent over $50 on a bottle of whiskey for New Years, and to me, it’s pointless because it will just be ingested. Because I love my partner, I chose to accept the differences and for my partner’s birthday I bought two very expensive and fine bottles of whiskey, and my partner was over the walls for it, which made me happy.

That’s a very sticky situation. I would tell your girlfriend that you both have responsibilities and bills to pay. Figuratively, put yourself in her bra and try to understand where she is coming from.

I wouldn’t shut down her request completely, but I also wouldn’t break the bank for them either. If she can’t understand things from your side either, then maybe you need some relationship help.