Bods on the Block: Students share class preferences

At this point, do you prefer in-person or remote classes?

photo by Emma Wittmer

Kaden Harmes



“I prefer in-person classes because I can focus a lot better in a classroom instead of in a Zoom class.”




photo by Emma Wittmer

Bradley Koch


Accounting and Finance

“I prefer in-person classes.  I learn a lot better in-person, and I find it really hard to pay attention to remote classes.”




photo submitted by Abigail McCrory

Abigail McCrory


Entrepreneurship & Innovation


“I prefer in-person classes! However, I have gotten comfortable attending classes remotely in my sweatpants especially with the cold weather.”



photo submitted by Breckyn Rowley

Breckyn Rowley


Public Relations

“I prefer remote classes because of the convenience they provide, but I do miss seeing my peers and professors in person!”




photo submitted by Shelby Edwards

Shelby Edwards


Public Relations

“Personally, I find remote learning more useful for my major. Many of my courses are discussion-based and our assignments are all online. It can be a bit challenging to communicate in a large classroom when everyone has masks on.”




photo submitted by Paul Mismaque

Paul Mismaque

Graduate Student

“I prefer remote classes because it provides a safer way to continue my semester.”