Dear Smalls,

What kind of coffee do you order from the Union corner store? I can never make up my mind.

-loca mocha

Dear Loca Mocha,

Ask for something hot, caffeinated and sweet.

Feel special. I just gave you the tip to my personal drink.



Dear Smalls,

What are some pointers that you would give to a professor to let them know that we, as students, need to learn more effectively?

-hope for help

Dear hope for help,

Naturally, I am a very blunt and forward person, hence; I am assertive when I don’t understand something. I actively make sure that I understand what my professors are saying or directing us to do. Other students may get irritated, but what are you paying all of this money for if you don’t learn anything?

 @Washburn professors,

– Please, slow down, not all of us are fast pace learners.

– Show more examples or perform a hands-on example.

-Group activities help us, because we think we’re the only one who doesn’t get it until we get into groups and figure it out together.

-Try to come off a little more approachable. Some students won’t ask any questions if they fear you.

A special shout out to Washburn professors who offer effective study guides.

From what I have learned about Washburn professors is that they appreciate respectful feedback. Professors love when their students actually learn their materials.


Dear Smalls,

Why are college years supposed to be the best of our lives, (it sure as heck doesn’t feel that way)

-Reality Bytes

Dear Reality Bytes,

Those small accomplishments are the gold mines.

I assume, in the future, like when you pass that class that you thought you couldn’t, those moments build up and eventually, after you graduate and have your new job, that you worked so hard to get overflows your schedule with work and deadlines, you’ll look back and smile on all your college accomplishments and remember “the simpler days.”

But, I haven’t graduated yet so get back to me if these aren’t the best years of your lives.