Topeka Zoo wins award

Topeka Zoo began construction on their new African exhibit under the name of Camp Cowabunga in July 2017. Camp Cowabunga opened their gates to visitors in August 2018 and has been praised since then.

Camp Cowabunga mimics a true African safari experience, based on the Topeka Zoo director’s personal safari experience.

According to Topeka Zoo, Camp Cowabunga consists of many African animals including the guinea fowl, painted dog, red patas monkey, ostrich, hammerkop, lion, dik dik and leopard tortoise.

The exhibit is interactive and impressive among its animals. 

The Camp Cowabunga project funding was set to be about $4.5 million and was funded mostly by fundraising in the community but also by Topeka donation centers.

Many who donated to the project received a free t-shirt for their contribution to the zoo. The t-shirt reads “Camp Cowabunga Alpha Supporter” and is sent to everyone who donates at least $100.

Along with a t-shirt, contributors were entered into a sweepstakes to meet the Topeka Zoo’s sun bears named Ho Ho and Cupcake.

After the initial praise and success the exhibit received following their opening on Labor Day weekend, they were awarded for their excellence at the end of 2018.

Topeka Zoo and construction company, Mohan Construction, were both awarded the Associated General Contractors of Kansas State Building Award of Excellence.

The architecture and building is unlike anything else at the Topeka Zoo, which is why its impressive stature is praised but also awarded.

Many other companies, buildings and projects were up for this award, so it is a huge success for both the Topeka Zoo and Mohan Construction to achieve this type of recognition and success.

On Feb. 1, there will be an Associated General Contractors of Kansas State Building Awards luncheon located in Wichita, in which the Topeka Zoo and Mohan Construction will be awarded.

Camp Cowabunga began 2019 with high regards and recognition from Kansas as well as Topeka natives and other visitors of the zoo.

Along with their new praise and award, the zoo will continue to make advancements and strides in 2019.

The Topeka Zoo plans on bringing in more attention this summer because of their Camp Cowabunga attraction.

Since Camp Cowabunga did not open until late August, the upcoming cold weather stopped a lot of its traction, but the summer of 2019 will be a great success for Camp Cowabunga.