Logan Stock: multi-talented athlete

It’s already been a record breaking year for the Washburn track and field teams who seem to get better and better every time out. Although he hasn’t broke any school records yet this year, sophomore Logan Stock currently holds two school records in the decathlon and heptathlon.

Stock is from Lake Crystal, Minnesota where he attended Wellcome Memorial High School. Stock participated in many different sports throughout high school including track, football, soccer and basketball. He now uses all that athleticism to focus strictly on track in college but continues to work extremely hard to be proficient in all disciplines of the heptathlon and decathlon.

Teammate Mikey Pearl recognizes the time and effort that Stock puts forth.

“He makes sure that each jump or hurdle or whatever he is doing that day is full speed and done with purpose,” said Pearl. “His intelligence and quick adaptation allows him to understand what he needs to do in order to become a better athlete.”

Stock is the son of parents Robert and Kari Stock. His father works as a transmission line inspector and his mother is a rehabilitation counselor.

The intelligence Stock has in the athletic field transfers straight over into the classroom where he is majoring in bio-chemistry. He hasn’t completely decided what career path he would like to follow, although he is considering epidemiology which deals with health-related states like disease and how to control such diseases. His interests lie mostly in lab work because of the hands-on work he can do there.

“Just discovery,” said Stock. “Most likely having everything under my control and I decide the outcome.”

Stock was attracted to Washburn mainly for the opportunities he would have participating in track but also enjoys what the school can offer him academically.

“I love the challenging programs they have here [at Washburn],” said Stock. “They don’t hold back on any of the classes or anything like that.”

Being a college athlete while also majoring in the challenging science field doesn’t leave Stock much extra time. As many college students are, Stock enjoys playing video games in his free time, specifically first-person shooter type games.

Stock has also picked up playing the guitar which he says he has been playing for close to a year and half now. He plays mostly classic rock but is open to playing just about any genre.

Two summers ago, Stock traveled to Europe with some of his friends and enjoyed sightseeing, eating different foods and experiencing new and different cultures. He enjoys traveling and hopes to do more of it as he gets older.

In the meantime, he is going to continue to enjoy competing against both his teammates and competitors trying to become the best he can be. Stock says he loves the atmosphere of the team and though it is competition he says it’s friendly competition and that it’s a lot of fun.

Stock is an extremely talented and well-rounded individual and his teammates love being around him.

Pearl said, “Logan is an intelligent, dedicated, hardworking and unpredictable athlete making him a good teammate and better friend.”

Stock, Pearl and the rest of their teammates will be in action next at the Nebraska Tune-Up on Friday, March 15 in Lincoln, Nebraska.