A Fresh Beginning

A Fresh Beginning

Hello and welcome to week three of Wednesdays with Whit!

Can you believe that we are nearing the end of 2020? I sure can’t. Amidst the unprecedented times that we are currently living in, I know that it can be hard to find an inner calmness. On top of what may be going on in your personal life, there is also a pandemic happening, many social injustices and a nerve-wracking election process.

It’s a lot. However you may be feeling right now is completely valid, my friend.

Whether you feel plagued by unwanted thoughts, your palms are sweaty, your hearts beating fast, you can’t concentrate, or anything in between, anxiety, worry, and stress are things that everyone deals with at some point in life.

But don’t lose hope! There are many different things that you can do to help manage your worries. 🙂

One thing that you can do is challenge your thoughts. You see, not everything that we think is true. When there is a lot going on, we can sometimes have thoughts that distort the severity of our situations. It is important to ask ourselves if what we are thinking about is true.

A few more things you can do include deep breathing, counting out loud slowly, exercising, or even taking a nap. By clicking this link, you will find a list of even more strategies that may be helpful!

If no one has told you this recently, I’ll be the first to say that you can get through this, I believe in you, and you are stronger than you realize. If you are reading this and feel that you need professional help, please reach out today. Doing so may be hard, but I promise you that it’ll be worth it.

I know that there is a lot happening in our world right now. Please try to remember that each moment is a fresh beginning.

As I have been writing and thinking about whoever may be reading this, a quote by Mary Radmacher came to my mind and I’d like to share it with you. The quote says that courage does not always roar. It goes on to say that sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, “I will try again tomorrow.”

You see, when I think about worry, stress, and anxiety, I think about bravery. It takes bravery to keep moving forward.

Like last week, I would like to encourage you today to spend some time checking in with yourself. Ask yourself what you need, what you want, and how you feel. Doing so will help you become more self-aware.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your day and I look forward to next week of Wednesdays With Whit!