Dear Smalls,

How can I tell my boyfriend that I feel like he should be devoting more time and energy into our relationship without sounding controlling?


Dearest XCII,

I would say it just like that, “Boyfriend, give me your time and attention, give what you get pal,” or something like that. I don’t think that there is any point in being in a relationship when only one of you is happy. That’s not a relationship at all. Communication is the best medicine for a relationship, however, if you guys can’t work through it, maybe you’re not meant to be together.

There is plenty of fish in the sea. You’re in college for heavens sake.

Keep in mind, you don’t need a fish to be happy.

Good luck,


Dear Smalls,

How can I ask my professor for a scholarship reference?


Dear Nerdy,

The first professor I had asked for a reference was in person. I was comfortable with that professor, which made it easier to bring it up in the conversation. Prior to that, I have had to ask other professors and employers for a reference letter. I think the easiest thing to do is send an email with the reference instructions attached. Mark the email as urgent so they take it seriously.

You don’t have to send a super long email about why you chose them. Even though I have, some professors and employers prefer short, sweet and to the point.

Label the subject as scholarship reference, that way they get the idea straight ahead, spell everything out, include the deadline but don’t specifically tell them “I need it asap.” Be considerate.

You can ask your advisor for some helpful tips too.

Good luck,


Dear Smalls,

What kind of planner do you use?


Dear Jumbled,

I don’t plan anything. I am a complete mess. A couple of my friends use this planner called, “The Happy Planner.” They are colorful and bright. Look them up on Amazon.

They have fun sticker books,