Dear Smalls,

My car has this setting which shows me numbers next to a small digital photo of my car where each of my tires are located and I’m not entirely sure where I can get that checked out for a decent price or free, any advice?

-car troubles

Dear Car Troubles,

I had similar trouble with that recently. When the temperature drops, so does the pressure in tires. I took my truck to get air in the tires, it was freezing cold outside and the air compressor at the gas station was frozen so the air didn’t make its way into my tires. As I was putting the hose away I noticed I had a flat tire. Desperate, I went inside and asked the man at the counter for some assistance. He told me that he can check and adjust the tire pressure in all four of my tires as long as I put gas in. I pulled out two Abraham Lincolns from my wallet and he pumped the gas and adjusted my tire pressure.

This magic happened at the Washburn Auto Service Center at 2236 SW Washburn Ave. They offer discounts to Washburn students, with icard, and offer many other services.

Take your cars for maintenance. The frosty weather we have been experiencing can damage your car in many ways, which lessens your safety when driving.

For further questions and price quotes, call Washburn Auto Service Center at 785-234-4843.

Hope this helps,


Dear Smalls,

What’s your favorite snack?

-Hungry Amigo

Dear Hungry Amigo,

I like to eat a peanut butter sandwich with the Flamin’ Hot Limon Cheetohs inside.



Dear Smalls,

I’m really shy about getting an STD test done at the clinic at Washburn but I don’t have a car and I live on campus, what should I do? I’m really worried and I don’t want my friends to know.


Dear Iffy,

You should definitely get tested. If you’re afraid that you could have an STD then you should definitely take this more seriously. Washburn health services does not only check for STD’s, but they are certified to treat them as well. The staff in Student Health Services are very respectful and private. When I have had concerns, I just stop by and they check me out and send me on my way with an ease of mind and a prescription, as needed, sent to your pharmacy of choice. The whole process is very confidential.

When you check yourself in and they ask “what’s the reason for being seen,” just say you would like to speak with one of the nurses. During your actual check up you can better inform the physician about your symptoms and concerns.

Student Health Services is open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday or stop in by appointment in Morgan Hall room 140. Call 785-670-1470 for more information. 

Feel better and don’t forget to bring your Washburn ID,