Coach and adjunct instructor profile: Angie Price

Representing Washburn pride: Dancing Blues coach and adjunct instructor Angie Price has been at Washburn for over thirty years. She takes pride in Washburn and urges her team and students to do the same.

Alumni Dancing Blues coach and adjunct instructor Angie Price didn’t come back to Washburn, she never left. The semester before she graduated in 1989, Price was offered the position of Dancing Blues coach and has been at Washburn ever since.

“I’ve always loved Washburn,” said Price. “Everyone here is supportive, friendly and open to listening to people’s ideas. The university has always done a good job of creating an atmosphere that promotes individuality.”

Price graduated from Washburn with a Bachelor of Arts in music, an Associates of Art in dance and another Associates of Art in computer information studies.

“Dance isn’t even offered as a major at Washburn anymore and when I was in school, technology was just being born so it was fascinating and brand new,” Price said. “There was this huge computer in the basement of Morgan called ‘the prime.’ We were all so amazed by it. I didn’t know what I wanted to do, so I was just kind of exploring.”

Price still enjoys multiple areas of interest as a coach and adjunct instructor for kinesiology, physical education and yoga.

“I’ve enjoyed having a relationship with an instructor that isn’t accompanied by stress,” said freshman nursing major Shelby Cornwell. “Yoga is such a physically and mentally calming exercise and Mrs. Price does well to translate that in class.”

Physical studies are important to Price. She hopes to help her students and team members learn and grow.

“As long as my students are respectful to everyone and put forth effort, I am happy. The same goes for the Dancing Blues, but to an even further extent. I expect them to treat people kindly and respectfully outside of practices and performances. As Washburn students and members of the team, people see them as role models and representatives of the school, the team and each other,” Price said. “In today’s society especially, there aren’t enough good role models, however, I’ve been lucky enough to get top notch girls and even a couple of guys on the Dancing Blues who understand this.”

Senior mathematics major Michaela Trobough, also a captain for the Dancing Blues, has enjoyed having Price as her coach throughout the years.

“Angie has been a huge part of my life and dance career and helped shape me into the dancer and leader I am today,” said Trobough. “She always has the interest of the team in mind and deserves recognition for what she’s done for the Dancing Blues. I am forever grateful for her.”

One of the hopes that Price has for her time at Washburn is to continue to see and be a part of Washburn’s growth as a community.

“Compared to when I was a student, Washburn now has a big school feel,” said Price. “We’ve grown into a community that makes students want to get involved more. People take more pride in being a part of Washburn and I want to see that continue developing. I want to help everyone I come into contact with have a positive experience at Washburn.”