Watch Ya Mouth Preview

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Watch Ya Mouth is a question and answer event that the WBSU organization will host at 7:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. Feb. 4 in the Union Market. There will be a panel of four or five people who will discuss questions geared toward the minorities in the U.S., such as the things they go through or the problems that they face on a regular basis because of racism or prejudice. This offers different perspectives from many people. A variety of different people will be attending the event, including several international students. The panel is made up of one Hispanic, two African-Americans and one white American. They will be the ones to bring forth answers to the questions that will be presented. Because of the political air of the United States recently, there will also be several hard questions that will be asked, which might be a bit uncomfortable to people with differing political views, however everything will be very open, friendly and easy to understand, not only because of the lack of clashing people, but also because the students are the ones who will benefit the most, therefore they will have more to contribute and more to gain from the answers that will be given.

Dela Boyd, junior elementary education major, is one of two people who will be asking questions at the panel event. The other will be Nyza Milligan, sophomore radiology major. To get more information, contact Dela Boyd by email at [email protected]