Chase Brill: A friend anyone would want

As the tennis season is now in full swing as the season heats up, their latest outing showed the Ichabods rolling over Augustana at home. One of those who helped contribute to the 7-0 thrashing of Augustana was Chase Brill. Before coming to Washburn, Brill grew up in Edmond, Oklahoma. While Brill moved 280 miles to the north, Brill thinks Edmond is no different than living here in Topeka.

“It was just a lot of sports. It was Oklahoma, so like Kansas there was not a lot to do outside of sports and school and stuff like that. I played a lot of soccer and a lot of tennis. It was nice to just have a lot of sports around us. Edmond was very similar to here, very windy,” Brill said.

Here at Washburn, Brill plays tennis, but before he turned 12, if you would have asked him if he wanted to play sports in college, he probably would have said a different one, one that would have taken him to a different school than Washburn.

“I didn’t play tennis till I was 12, mainly soccer up until then. Tennis was just for fun until I was 12, then I started to take it pretty seriously,” Brill said.

As a student-athlete, Brill has his mind set on the future, but for now, he is happy with tennis and his side job that lets him show his passion outside of tennis.

“I am majoring in international business and marketing management. Well right now, I am managing a musician who is a producer and a DJ, so kind of booking him places. I would love to continue with that in the future or like an ad agency, somewhere where I can be creative,” Brill said.

Brill may not have a ton of time outside of tennis to enjoy, but he still finds the time to enjoy other activities similar to tennis.

“Outside of tennis, I love to play frisbee golf. Frisbee golf is really fun, and I also like running, biking and swimming, all that kind of stuff,” Brill said. 

Likewise, Brill wants to go out and see the world when he gets the chance. Brill’s chance to see the world will happen sooner rather than later. 

“I really enjoy travelling. Right now, the big one is Rome. I just really want to go to Rome, and I think I will be there this summer. It is mainly just seeing as much as I can and doing the basics like skydiving, bungee jumping and stuff like that,” Brill said

While Brill is becoming a major part of the tennis team, to head tennis coach, Lance Lysaught, he means more as a friend to his coach and teammates than his athletic prowess.

“Chase is the kind of guy anyone would want as a friend and teammate. I cannot say enough good things about him and his family. We are thankful Chase chose Washburn and he continues to impact our campus in positive ways,” Lysaught said.