(DNP) Theatre Department Funding Rumors

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Everyone should agree that rumors can get out of control sometimes. The rumors that have been being spread about the Washburn Theatre department funding are not true. Sharon Sullivan, the chairwoman of the theatre department, has addressed these rumors and have confirmed that none of them are true. The rumor is that the theatre department receives no funding.  

“I can’t imagine why anybody would say that, the university supports us, our department budget hasn’t grown in a long time, it is pretty static, but that’s common all across the university because of finances with tuition when the number of students we have goes down then budgets get tighter.” said Sullivan. “The university has always supported us. We are also incredibly fortunate to not be box office dependent.”

Taylor Molt a sophomore at Washburn University and a theatre student also addressed this rumor, “I think the arts in general get a lack of culture, in colleges and in culture, arts don’t get the credit they deserve.” 

Sullivan, of all people, would certainly know whether or not this rumor is true because she gets to see the budget.

“Becoming chair means I have more say in the budget,” said Sullivan.

Sullivan is so dedicated to the theatre department that she brings in different types of workshops like stage combat workshops and theatre portfolio workshops for the students. She does this to give students more experience with stuff that the department can’t give them in terms of classes.

“I want to make sure students are getting enough skills and opportunities,” said Sullivan.

Sullivan also addressed the rumor about the theatre department receiving no scholarships from Washburn.

“Every department actually has their own scholarship funds, though there are limitations on those funds, to what you can do, but the donor sets up what those limitations are, not Washburn.” 

Sullivan also addressed another rumor directed towards Washburn, ‘play production money made at the theatre department box office is given to Washburn, but Washburn gives it to athletic teams instead of the theatre department.’ Sullivan was in shock when she heard about this rumor, she couldn’t imagine why anyone would think that.

“I can’t imagine that the small amount of money we make at the box office could benefit the athletes at all. We spend much more than we take in at box office. I’m not sure where that rumor came from.”  

Sullivan thinks that both athletics and the arts are both equally important and they both do things for students, helping them to feel like part of a community, helping them to express themselves and grow as individuals. She would also love more athletes to come and attend the theatre department shows.  

“It seems like some people have had some misinformation because we are supported by the university,” said Sullivan 

None of the rumors about the theatre department funding not being supported by Washburn are not true. The Washburn theatre department is a respected organization and will continue to be respected by students and the university for years to come. 

“We are a great organization that deserves the world,” Molt stated.


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Rumors Solved: Sharon takes action to settle the rumors about theatre department funding. Sharon informs everyone that the rumors are not true at all.