WSGA senators meeting redefines their role

On March 6, Washburn Student Government Association held a meeting to discuss the concerning use of language on Washburn’s campus. The senators redefined WSGA’s role in response to the risen issues.

Before the meeting, there was an open conference by director of public relations regarding the two issues, that WSGA does not support racist language and the WSGA senate election platforms.

The main topic was the racist language that occurred over the weekend. A comment was made by a student of the Washburn community using a derogatory slur directed at minorities and people of color. This sort of language does not reflect the value of Washburn University and WSGA. 

“The Washburn Student Government Association strives to achieve the goal of motto, which is ‘students serving students,'” said Zac Surritt, WSGA President. “The goal is taking a step towards a tangible solution to some of these problems.”

A five-step plan to help resolve the problem was made during the discussion. WSGA publicly condems the language used in this incident, as well as any other language that targets individuals or communities. WSGA will continue to show its support of minority populations and groups on campus. The organization will do everything in its power to advocate for students who feel they cannot make their own voices heard.

These resolutions will be sent to the Office of Student Life and the Office of the President. WSGA will work with the Vice President of Academic Affairs office to continue adding more diversity courses to the university curriculum. These resolutions are set to be sent out to students through all forms of social media. WSGA hopes that these actions will lead towards change on Washburn’s campus.