Arts connect Topeka through First Friday

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By Kodee Christensen

Something special that Topeka does monthly is the First Friday Artwalk in the North Topeka Art District. The event is put on in connection with several local organizations and stores in downtown Topeka on the evening of the first Friday of each month.

It is a chance for artists and store owners to connect with the community and socialize. They will often discuss what they’ve been working on in regards to their artwork. If you’ve never experienced or heard of First Friday, I recommend you check it out.

My first experience with a First Friday was definitely one to remember. My suitemate at the time decided to set me up with her boyfriend’s roommate on a double date. Let’s just say, the best part of the night was walking around downtown Topeka in uncomfortable silence while the four of us taste tested the most exquisite chocolate samplings I have ever had in my life, as the theme of that First Friday was a chocolate walk. Debatably worth it, but if you go without the pressure of impressing a guy who is, “just as awkward as you,” I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

While there aren’t always chocolate samplings in the storefronts, you can expect to see one of a kind pieces of art from local artists, live entertainment and an atmosphere of connected diversity. First Friday brings people of all walks together for a night of fun.

Community is important in every city, and First Friday is one of the best opportunities to get a taste of what Topeka is all about. Whether you’re interested in art or not, I urge you to check it out.

As an out-of-towner, I think that everyone should have a NOTO experience at least once.

I’ve met several of the store and studio owners of downtown Topeka and can say that, if only for the people, it’s worth it to go. At Studio 831, you’ll meet an elderly couple who is passionate about art and is still creating their own today.

At Platform 785, you’ll meet a woman who has spent years building her collection of vintage clothing and can tell you a little about each piece.

At Absolute Design by Brenda, you’ll meet a woman who is knowledgeable on floral arrangements and is eager to help you find what’s right for you. These are the people that make NOTO what it is today and what it will be tomorrow.

The next installation of First Friday will be April 5. Activities usually begin late afternoon into the early evening and last for a few hours.

On, you can find additional information such as scheduling and a map of the NOTO area.

To see what has happened in past months at the First Friday Artwalk, you can search through the archives and get an idea of what you could also experience.

Every month is a new mix of offerings bringing the same connections and community feeling to the people in attendance. Check it out with some friends and experience together how the arts connect Topeka.