Javis Larson finds a fit with WU baseball

As the spring season for baseball is underway, the Ichabods have recorded a record of 8-13. Helping lead the Ichabods this season is senior outfielder Javis Larson. Larson has led the team on the year with a .333 batting average.

Before having a standout season for the Ichabods, Larson grew up in the beautiful state of Colorado. While the mountains added a nice back drop to look at, as Larson said, the competition was not as good as the scenery.

“Growing up in Colorado was awesome. You got the mountains there and tons of things to do. So that was kind of nice,” Larson said. “In high school, competition was not that great. Playing on the travel ball team during the summer opens your eyes up to better competition and better players from different states.”

While he loved playing baseball at the club level, he wanted to continue to play in college. That choice led him to a community college.

“I originally went to Butler Community College in El Dorado. I started there and the coaches kind of hooked me up with Coach [Harley] Douglas,” Larson said.

While Larson did not choose to come to Washburn to start his collegiate career, Douglas is happy that he is here now.

“Javis is a competitor and you know what you are going to get from him every time out,” Douglas said. “He plays the game with passion and a desire to be the best he can.”

That passion is what has driven Larson this far in his career.

“The competition is always a key factor. The team aspect is always a plus. Then you get the feeling when you are up at the plate. It’s just you and the pitcher and that’s an amazing feeling as well,” Larson said.

When Larson is not at school or on the diamond, you can find him out in the woods of Colorado.

“I like to hunt and fish quite a bit, anything outdoors really. I love to hunt water fowl, but turkey season is coming up so I’m more focused on that right now,” Larson said.

Even though Larson is listed as a senior, he still has one more year left of school on his plate. While he attends Washburn for another year, you can bet that Larson is savoring the last moments of college before he graduates.

Even though baseball has taken Larson all over the country, he still has places that he wants to visit.

“I haven’t been to the ocean yet, so I am probably gonna see that sometime, that’d be cool. California or Hawaii, somewhere like that would be really cool,” Larson said.