Paul Enneking nicknamed the Golden Goose

Down two touchdowns in the Washburn flag football intramural championship game, there was no bigger time for a touchdown than now. Sophomore, math major, Paul Enneking knew he had to come up big to help his team get back in the game to claim the title. When the quarterback, Noah Garber, hiked the ball, Enneking jetted off down the sideline creating enough space between his man on defense to easily catch the ball to score a touchdown to bring his team within one score. The pass from Garber was beautiful, his eyes were locked in, the only thing left was to catch the ball. Sadly though, as all great stories are told, the pass to Enneking went right through his hands and so did the game. 

Enneking was not happy with himself after he dropped the ball, even though he could not handle his athletic ability. 

“I think we might have one touchdown, maybe two, against their three or four, so who are they going to look to? Big Time Paul, my nickname for football only. So, I was streaking down, out running everyone by at least five seconds, the unit of time may be off, the ball came into me and I was running so fast that my hands were moving faster than I thought they were, so I missed the ball,” Enneking said. 

Before this all began, Enneking began his illustrious career as a freshman trying to have a fun time. He also is called multiple names by others that he branded himself.

“My first intramural was flag football my freshman year. I tried volleyball, but I realized I sucked at it after I played one game of that. I had the rest of my roommates fill in for me for the other games to finish out the season. I played basketball and softball to end the year, I guess I also played soccer, but our team only made it two games into the season before we kind of forfeited the rest. This year I stuck with football, basketball, and softball, but I added dodgeball. They call me the Golden Goose at dodgeball only,” Enneking said.

While Enneking is a solid contender every year in other sports, football is the sport that he excels in. Enneking has done well in football but blames the officials for not making the right calls. 

“Flag football, both years, were probably my best seasons so far. Last year we finished 3rd but this year we finished 2nd. We would’ve done better but the refs were paid,” Enneking said.

The part that Enneking enjoys the most is not the sport itself, it is something that means much more.

“Some people are pretty competitive, and it is funny to watch them get really angry at Rec employees. It is a pretty fun time, I get to talk and meet people that I wouldn’t have met outside of intramurals,” Enneking said.

The spring intramural sign-ups are over with, but if you are interested in them, Enneking believes that everyone needs to do them in college.

“Playing intramurals isn’t about the sport, it’s about meeting up with friends and doing something with them. Like for instance, we were bad at soccer and volleyball it was nice that I was able to be bad with my friends,” Enneking said.

His friend and teammate since his freshman year, Gage Winter felt that Enneking has struggled with the sport.

“Paul is not very inspirational. While we became close friends last year in the dorms, Enneking proved himself to be a very average athlete. Him dropping the ball is one of the many mistakes he has made in intramurals,” Winter said. 

For now, his dodgeball season is just starting up and his softball season is around the corner. When Enneking is not in class or studying, you can bet that he will be in the gym preparing for his next match.