First time meeting of new WSGA administration

The new WSGA administration had a meeting at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, April 17.

Vice President Matthew Chrisman spoke to new senators.

“I’m excited to be up here. Let’s go and get started,” Chrisman said. “We’re going to move on to public forum one, swearing in of the Guerrero, Chrisman administration.”

President Michael Guerrero and Vice President Matthew Christman swear to represent the rights and interests of the students of Washburn University in assuming their position. After that, other senators swore about it, including six new senators.

The first discussion was appointment senator to decide new on an executive member of the administration. Start with Jim Henry’s appointment.

“We worked very closely with the past year. He is very organized and professional around the office,” said Guerrero. “He is excellent with the procedure and his personality is one that would fit the administrative position administrative assistant position very well.”

The senators decided to appoint Henry as the Administrative Assistant and Technology Director.

Paul Mismaque applied for the Marketing Director.

“It ties well into my actual degree. So I’m a double major in marketing and economics with a minor in public relations,” Mismaque said. “I’m able to fulfill the position to the best of my abilities.”

Guerrero mentioned that the senators decided to put Mismaque as marketing director.

“The reason that I chose Paul to be on the team is because of his involvement in Senate in the past and he served as an RA, which can help with conflict resolution,” Guerrero said. “He also represents the international students, which is really important to have a diverse executive cabinet.”

Also, senators chose Caleb Soliday to be the community affairs director that hold hearings for pros legislations and discuss topics that are related to student issues and academic policy concerns, as well as food service to Abby Trainman.

“He’s had previous experience in this position. He’s got a very friendly personality,” Guerrero said.

Kayli Goodhearted was chosen in community affairs director.

“What I like about Kaylee, that I think will fit this position is that she said she is very busy all the time and she enjoys it,” Guerrero said. “What sticks out those that she’s busy, but she’s very successful, so while she has that very packed schedule, she’s still able to excel as a student and as a senator.”

Victoria Smith was elected as a budget director and Melissa King was appointed as a public relation director.