Letter from the editor: WE can do better

Morgan Holloway

During the past few weeks there’s been a lot of talk about how Washburn can do better. I do agree that Washburn can do better and I hope the students that have shared their voices feel like they are finally getting somewhere. Please know that I support you and there are faculty and staff that do hear you and support you as well. The university can always do better but in my opinion it’s not just Washburn that can do better.

It starts with us. We are the students of our campus and the reality is that not all of us come from the same backgrounds. College is a time for us to grow and learn about new perspectives. Washburn University Diversity and Inclusion office puts on event after event to bring awareness and education to students. They give an opportunity for students to see through the eyes of another with a different mindset. Which leads me to ask, where are the students?

I ask myself that same question. I am included among all the rest of the students that have not attended these events. So, I challenge the student body to go to an event at least once a month that makes you better or maybe even “uncomfortable.” Being uncomfortable does not always have to be used in a negative connotation. In fact, it can be a really powerful learning tool. In Student Media, there are many times when we as students may feel uncomfortable asking questions or get super nervous before an interview. However, after that interview we have learned something new, created a new relationship and possibly even bonded because we got to hear someone else’s story.

Sometimes people are so closed-minded and can only see the world through one lens. Maybe we are so focused on building our resume and getting a 4.0 that we don’t consider the knowledge gained from making new relationships, supporting others and understanding that we is greater than I. We can not do life alone.

Based on how we are raised, we all have different values and opinions. It’s important that we don’t stereotype individuals by the way they look. It’s also important to respect one another as well whether we agree or disagree.

I am a privileged, white female. My job is not to talk about what I have at Washburn but instead it is my job to “find someone whose perspective has been buried or ignored, listen to them and raise up their voice.”

In fact, my job as editor-in-chief is to do that for the whole Washburn community. If anyone feels that their voice is not being heard, our job at Student Media is to use our first amendment right to share your voice.

No matter the human need, whether it’s homelessness, injustice, education, healthcare, disaster relief and more, the solution is us, because when we all work together to address human needs, we can do better.

Please feel free to reach out and email me at [email protected].

Morgan Holloway