Apeiron: Communications bring us together

Katie Larkin

It’s no secret that humans wouldn’t get far without communication, and Washburn University senior, Michaela L. Webb wanted to show others the importance of communication.

During Webb’s presentation, she wanted to show event-goers the importance of having a personal communication code. Through this code, Webb said that having an ethical communication code can help people immensely.

“Miscommunication and ignored communication have cost people their lives, or even the loss of a company,” said Webb. “It’s important for people to have a good ethical code when communicating  with others, sort of a framework for the code,” said Webb.

Constructing an ethical code is essential and will help in the long run. “It’s important to have a foundation of principles to stand by.” said Webb.

Near the end of her presentation, Webb highlighted the importance of communication and why humans need it. “Social media is different because just because your friends and family see what you post online, doesn’t mean something can’t happen to you.” said Webb. Webb wanted event-goers to be cautious in the future and try to make the world a better place with the ethical code of one’s choosing.