Dear Smalls,

I work on campus too, what do you think of your campus job?


Dear Heathe,

I honestly love my job, I love helping people and I love writing, The Washburn Review has given me that opportunity to utilize both things I love. Granted, I don’t always agree with what my leaders say, but I respect every individual on my team. However, my leaders always ask for the employee opinions and input to help make our experience more enjoyable. They are very understanding and lenient with my life outside of work.

I love my job. If you don’t, I recommend communicating your concerns with your leaders. The problem can not be fixed if it is not approached.



Dear Smalls,

I have recently heard positive things about dating apps, such as; people are using it to meet friends and connecting. I am new to Topeka, I recently transferred from KU, I’m just afraid that if I create a Tinder, I will receive a bunch of unwanted explicit images, do you know if that’s true?


Dear Kandy,

It’s rather ironic that I’ve stumbled across this question, my best friend and I were just discussing this. We met someone from our friend group through my friends Tinder. I would say, I have fiddled with her Tinder because I was curious about the same question, scrolling through, I noticed that I saw a handful of familiar faces, simply looking for people to hang out with or expand their social circle. I’d have to say, there will be a handful of weirdos on any social media, I think that if you use your Tinder in moderation and respectfully, with clarification that you are only looking for friends, you shouldn’t have to hard of a time.

However, personally, I don’t recommend any social media. I think social media is toxic and time consuming.

Be safe,


Dear Smalls,

I recently started working out at Colaw fitness and the fitness trainer there recommended that I start on protein shakes. I said of course I’ll start, but I can’t afford protein. Is there any way that I can weight train without drinking protein shakes?


Dear Pounds,

I am not qualified to evaluate or recommend anything to you; however, I am aware that protein is expensive, I am going to recommend you to this store in Topeka that has saved my expensive lifestyle choices a few times. Essentially the store sells brand new items, of all kind, half of the retail price. The store is called RJ’s Discount and the address is 3737 SW South Park Ave, Topeka, KS 66606.

Another thing I would recommend is heading over to the rec and asking if they can have a fitness trainer meet with you in private to evaluate you and determine a meal plan! Keep in mind, you’re not the only one who is in college with college money struggles.

Keep it up,