2019 Honors Concert is a success

Honors: Dalton Imhoff-Brey playing his trumpet at the 2019 honors concert. Imhoff-Brey was one of the six performers that evening.


On Sunday April 7, the Washburn University Department of Music presented the 2019 Honors Concert at the White Concert Hall on campus. The program consisted of six different performers, four who sang, and the other two performing on an instrument.

The concert was set to take place at 3 p.m., however, it took a while to kick off as the programs for the concert were misplaced. Along with the programs, the audience was told that one of the vocalist’s car broke down, and that her status of her performance may change. After about five minutes, the programs were found and passed out, and the audience was told that the vocalist was able to make it and perform in the same order.

Soon after the delay to the start of the program, the rest of the concert went according to plan. The vocalists were Victoria Smith, Toni Rainey, Carolyn Page and Sienne Haynes. All of which performed without sheet. Performances ranged from an opera-style all the way to being sung in a foreign language. Daniel Albertson, on the marimba, and Dalton Imhoff-Brey, on the trumpet were the only two to perform with an instrument.

The seats at the white concert hall were filled with about 30 to 40 people, ranging from family and friends, to people who just came to listen to music, and others attending for a grade in class.

Atsuhiro Lizuka, a student at Washburn, and originally from Japan was simply attending the concert for a grade.

“I’m required to attend,” Lizuka said laughingly. However, Lizuka admits that he was excited to be attending and to hear good music. “I know it’s for a grade, but I really am looking forward to the concert.”

Before the concert began, I met up with Helen Bowser who was seated in the lobby, waiting for the performance to begin. Bowser, two of her kids and her grandchild are all alumni of Washburn. Bowser was a music teacher her whole life in Holton, Kansas, and enjoys all kinds of music. 

“I played trombone in band, violin in orchestra, and I play piano, still for my church.” Bowser said.

Bowser always enjoys coming to the concerts at Washburn and looks forward to any concert that’s coming up.

“It’s so nice that they’re free,” Bowser said. “And I do sit in for the alumni, for the music program.”

Before leaving Bowser to head into the concert, she stopped me to say one last thing. 

“Music is a universal language. It speaks to everyone.”

So, if you’re looking for quality performances from Washburn students, and an opportunity to support the Washburn music department, be sure to look at the White Concert Halls website to see their schedule for when free concerts are available.