Children hunt for Easter eggs at the annual Easter Egg Hunt

Off and running: Children took off to hunt for Easter eggs. The annual Easter Egg Hunt was hosted by CAB on April 20.

The Washburn University Campus Activity Board hosted the annual Easter Egg Hunt at the East Union Lawn Saturday, April 20. Faculty, staff, students and community members came for the candy, prizes and the opportunity to visit with the Easter Bunny during the warm spring day.

Jessica Neumann Barraclough, director of the Office of Student Involvement and Development, helped organize the Egg Hunt and she instructed people to participate.

“We’ve been doing this for a long time, more than 10 years,” said Neumann Barraclough.

Children were split into four groups to compete with people within their age group ranging between ages 0-2, 3-4, 5-7 and 8-9.

Children lined up along the lawn and listened to the instruction. Parents accompanied their children and cheered them on when they started. They tried to gather as many eggs as possible.

Neumann Barraclough said Easter egg hunts have been happening all over the world to celebrate the day in a fun way.

Members of CAB helped put hundreds of eggs across the lawn so children could find them. While children were gathering the eggs, they lined up at the lawn to help people know about the range where they put the eggs.

Many people in the community came to the Egg Hunt.

“A lot of faculty and staff come to this event and share with the community,” said Barraclough. “It’s more for a community than it’s for students,” said Neumann Barraclough.

Jennifer Macias, a Topeka resident, came to the Egg Hunt with her child for the second year.

“I feel like it gets the kids out of the house and they can meet other people,” said Macias. “It really shows them that someone wants to do something nice for them.”

There was an Easter bunny, played by a member of CAB. Children kept him busy as parents took photos of children and him. Children were excited when they saw the character run around with them on the lawn.

“I think it’s just something that he [Macias’s son] is looking forward to,” said Macias.

Lupe Vega, sophomore business management major, brought three children to the Easter egg hunt.

“I think it’s fun and it’s nice for the kids,” said Vega. “The kids can come and see my school.”

The host of the Easter Egg Hunt, CAB, is a student organization that has programmed events for Washburn University students to enjoy since 1952. It provides well-rounded social, educational, cultural and recreational activities for all students, faculty, administration, alumni and Topeka community.

“I think it’s really important to get community participated,” said Vega. “Washburn is here in town, everyone knows about Washburn. It’s important that everyone comes here as a community.”