Summer classes approaching

Joelle Conway

May 28 kicks off the start of summer classes at Washburn.

This summer, 306 classes are being offered, not including Law school classes. Of those 306, 55 classes are completely full.

About 46 percent of summer classes are offered online, for a total of 141. This makes it easy for students who only live in Topeka during the school year to catch up, stay on track or get ahead on courses. Online classes are usually accommodating of many students’ busy schedules during the summer.

During the 2018 summer semester, there were 299 classes offered. Thus, Washburn has increased summer course opportunities by seven classes. Out of the 2018 summer courses, 148 were online, 49 percent of the offered classes.

From 2018 to 2019, the percentage of online to campus courses decreased 3 percent. However, Washburn did add seven more summer classes to the 2019 summer registration.

There are three general summer sessions offered for non-Law courses. The early session lasts five weeks from May 28 to June 27. The late session goes from July 1 to Aug. 1. The full session runs May 28 to July 18, eight weeks total.  

There are special sessions for certain courses. Students are notified of their special schedule while enrolling for the course.

Students are able to register for courses until May 31 for the early and full sessions. The deadline for the late session is July 5.

These respective dates for both sessions hold true for changing from graded to audit (and vice versa) or A/Pass/Fail status, as well as the final day to receive 100 percent tuition refund for the term.  

The School of Law hosts two sessions that go from May 20 to June 28 and July 8 to Aug. 14.

For more information on summer registration, visit Washburn University’s page for Summer 2019 session information:

You may also view available courses in the Student Academics tab on

Edited by Adam White and Abbie Barth