Dorothy Harding and Doug Wilmore are Hobo Royalty

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on Friday, October 17, 1958.

Dough Wilmore, Alpha Delta, and Dorothy Harding, unaffiliated, were chosen as Hobo King and Queen before the game at the Homecoming celebration last Saturday. Wilmore cinched the coronation title for “Hobo King” when he appeared on the scene with a goat, a deodorized skunk, and outhouse on wheels, and a toilet seat.

Dorothy Harding was chosen not only for her tattered costume but for her “odd” perfume. Dorothy’s recipe for a heavenly scent is: limburger cheese as an underarm deodorant, and fresh cow manure and raw eggs as a hair dressing. The scent was so bad that immediately after the judging, the contestants were ordered from the campus.