2,500 Cars Tour Campus on Drive

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on Friday, October 17, 1958.

The “candlelight drive” on the campus last Friday evening was termed a success. Police estimated that 2,500 cars drove through on Friday night. People still continued to come out Saturday and Sunday.

Decorations included the fraternity and sorority house, MacVicar Chapel, the law building, Benton Hall, the AFROTC Building, and Memorial Union.

Zeta Tau Alpha sorority was the sweepstakes winner. Their decoration was a showboat with a revolving wheel, cotton bales, and “Old Man River” was played.

Kappa Alpha Theta won the best sorority decoration and Sigma Phi Epsilon on best fraternity. Thetas has a giant cobweb with an Emporia Hornet caught by the Ichabod spider. Sigma Phi Epsilon had an Ichabod playing the piano while three Emporia performers danced to music.

Alpha Phi featured a north pole scene with an igloo, and a hornet being dragged from the frozen ocean by a penguin. Delta Gamma had a snowman and a hornet with his temperature showing zero.

Kappa Sigman had a huge pair of scissors trimming the hornet, while Phi Delta Theta had a Dennis the Menace character hitting hornets with a fly-swatter.

Alpha Delta featured a football field with an Ichabod catching hornets in a bag. 

ISA decorations in the Union showed Mr. Ichabod cooking hornets in a pot. A menu on the wall listed Washburn players as the owners of a restaurant, and the Emporia players were listed as dishes on the menu.

The decoration in front of the law building was a large portfolio with the scales of justice on the front and a large can leaning against it.