Queen to be crowned in halftime ceremony

Conway Yockey

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on Friday, October 10, 1958.

The Homecoming Queen will be crowned during halftime ceremonies at the Homecoming Game. The ceremony promises to be very impressive with the ROTC Honor Guard, the band, Phi Sigma Chi and the Junior Pep Clubs participating.

Phi Sigma Chi and the Junior Pep Clubs will form a large heart in the center of the field. The ROTC Honor Guard will form a line to the heart on the southwest 20 yard line of the field, and the band will form a line away from the heart on the northeast 20 yard line.

The cars with the queens and their escorts will drive around the track going around the South end and the West sides first–then around the East side and back to the 20 yard line on the West side. The girls will leave the cars with their escorts and will proceed throughout the honor guard formed by the ROTC to the center of the heart where they will meet Dr. Stoffer, Governor Docking, Mayor Schnelbacker, Mr. Hart Workman, Harold Geer and John Fernstrom.

The Queen candidates will stand in a semi-circle facing the West bleachers for the coronation. The escorts will retire and stand behind the girls.

Harold Geer, president of the student council, will present Dr. Stoffer who in turn will announce the 1958 homecoming queen. Worksman, president of the Alumni Association, will crown the queen. John Fernstrom will present the queen with flowers.

Immediately following the coronation, the band will play “Let Me Call You Sweetheart” and the pep clubs will sing in honor of the queen.

The escorts will then go to the girls and the queen and her escort will go first out of the heart through the lines made by the band to the east side where the cars will be waiting.

The queen will enter the first car and the others will enter the cars behind. The queen’s car will go around the track on full turn, and will leave her at the 50 years line on the East side where she will leave the car and enter the stands to a place of honor.

The other cars will take the girls to the 50 years line where they will leave the cars and enter the grand stand-the cars will then leave the field.