Sig O’s successful in barrel push to Lawrence

Deanna Gilmore

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on Friday, October 20, 1961.

“Caution – BRIDGE OUT” was the sign confronting members of Washburn’s Sigma Omicron Beta, as they attempted to push a 32 gallon barrel Sunday afternoon from 45th and Topeka to the KU campus in Lawrence – and that’s 28.3 miles of tiring work.

Undaunted they trudged on – right into knee-deep mud. Some fell down, but most pushed on, as 39 members of the unofficial  organization, working on a relay system, participated in the 4 hour 12 minute feat.

In spite of such obstacles as a bridge less creek and detours down 30 feet gullies, the caravan averaged nearly seven miles per hour.

A truck with warning flags drove directly in front of the boys to alert oncoming traffic, and a Volkswagon sporting a huge, colorful sign followed behind to caution vehicles approaching from the rear: however, the route, chosen by the Highway Patrol, included mostly rocky section roads which carry little traffic.

Working only for short periods, a group of Sig O’s would push as hard and as fast as possible, then hop in the truck to rest while another team was working.

This muddy, grubby group entered the KU campus on University Drive, took a jubilant, victorious tour, and capped the celebration by washing their keg in Potter’s Lake.

Sig O’s spent the earlier part of the week limping from class to class on account of injuries incurred in the line of pushing a barrel to Lawrence.