New look in lounge planned for future

Dick Rosetta

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on Friday, March 16, 1962.

Mary Martin, Washburn’s Activities Director, has made rapid strides in her renovation program for the Memorial Union and her first project, the Union lounge, typifies her efforts thus far.

Miss Martin has accomplished what seemed to be a paramount problem by opening the curtains and drawing the venetian blinds along the west wall of the lounge. Her philosophy – to make the lounge more presentable in the most obvious places.

Her immediate plans include shifting the piano to the place now occupied by the television set and moving the tv to the “dark corner” of the lounge. “I would also like to clarify the policy that we would like to follow concerning the piano and the tv,” Miss Martin said.

“As a matter of common courtesy, we feel that students watching television should not be disturbed by the piano players and that tv viewers should refrain from interfering with students on the piano,” the new director added. “In other words, we feel as though it is first come, first served.”

The listening room, which is presently closed to students for repair of the stereo, has also experienced the decorative talents of Miss. Martin. The magazine rack has been taken from the lounge and placed along the west wall of the room. “This has been done to insure a more orderly lounge and to place the reading material where it will be more appropriately available to the students,” said Miss Martin.

Additions for the lounge are on the immediate agenda, also. The new director has received the display screens that will be located on the south wall of the lounge for art exhibits. A display case, presently under construction, will be situated in the middle of the lounge, to be used for student purposes and antique collections.

“We hope the students realize that our efforts are for their benefit and that any suggestions they may have for improving the atmosphere of the lounge and listening room be submitted to the Union Activities Board,” Miss Martin added.