Sex in the news is weirder than primetime

Review's View

Enclosed in this issue of the Washburn Review is the Argo sex issue. We’ve been talking about doing an issue like this for months, and we have probably come up with every story idea, picture idea and stupid joke imaginable. The editor’s meeting to plan this Argo was held at 9 p.m. on a Thursday, we were all a little sleepy. But, we helped the fantastic Miss Treolo get it planned and it came to fruition.

The sex issue is meant to entertain and inform readers of the dangers of unsafe sex as well as look back at some of the sex icons in American history.

While we understand some of our audience may not be drawn to a publication like this, it’s an important topic among college students that needs to be addressed. Remember, the Washburn Review and Argo aren’t always for the children to read.

During our research for the issue, we came across many interesting sex stories that have dominated our headlines for decades. We laughed at some of the recent ones and told great jokes of the old ones.

The most infamous scandal is with Bill Clinton, but we were all pretty young to remember most of that. News channels carried the story daily. It went on for months, and is still talked about in the news today. Rather, it has become the standard political punchline that goes along with any scandal that rocks Capitol Hill. The blue dress joke stopped being funny a long time ago, but that doesn’t stop people (including democrats) from making it.

The most recent one is with Rep. Mark Foley, which became more interesting than a good Desperate Housewives show. Sure, there are parallels, like Gabrielle sleeping with her teenage gardener, and Foley sending explicit messages to his teenage page. But at least Gabrielle was limited to FCC primetime regulations. Foley’s messages were, umm, definitely not.

And our new favorite, “Lawyer argues sex with dead deer not crime,” which can be found at for anyone interested. If you’re interested, don’t tell us and we won’t tell you how we found that bit of “news.” The real twist to this story, as if it needed one, was that this wasn’t the first time the perpetrator had done something like this! He pleaded no contest to shooting a horse to have sex with it. A-what?!

That set off a serious discussion within the editors about the state of this man’s sanity.

Sex has ruined lives, political careers and has even caused some people to serve some jail time – c’mon, a dead deer!?

On a serious parting note, we hope you enjoy this issue and particularly the first sex issue of the Argo, if you so choose. If not, that’s fine too, there is a great amount of other content that is just as… enlightening?