Stoffer Science Hall not conducive to learning

The drilling that we are used to at the dentist’s office is now the norm at Stoffer Science Hall.


Since the $14.6 million reconstruction project started this fall, students have gotten used to the banging, clacking, drilling and whatnot going on while they are trying to learn.

The Stoffer Science Hall project ZZZZZZZZ will be great for Washburn University and the departments will provide for a more diverse learning environment.

To accommodate the construction, many offices and classrooms have been moved to various buildings throughout campus – but not all.


Students have complained to us about their professors yelling at them – not because they are mad. There is so much clatter ZZZZZZZZZZZ going on it is hard to understand what they are trying to say, which is a nice break from being yelled at because they didn’t do their homework or they just fell asleep.

That’s another thing, there will be no more sleeping in class. This is unacceptable. If we can’t catch up on sleep lost while doing homework in a quiet place in class, where else can we?

This isn’t just a problem when professors are lecturing – it’s a problem when the students are trying to take a test, doing CLANK! homework and studying. It goes on throughout the day. We can handle the hearing-damaging Panic! at the Disco coming out of the iPod earbuds, but the constant jackhammering is just too much.

This project didn’t start till fall because the Board of BANG Regents didn’t approve it until then, and we understand a sense of urgency to start right away but RATATATATA couldn’t this have had a more conducive timetable?


It’s not like we can stop the construction now and wait till winter break, but we can move classrooms. Setting up desks in the hallways of Henderson would be quieter than Stoffer right now.


There are also not classes in every classroom at every time of day. Moving some and not others is ridiculous.

We could also set up a time table for Ferrel Construction on when they can work and when ZZZZZZZZZ they can’t. Yeah, it’s inconvenient, but we’re throwing in millions of dollars in this project, so we BANG might as well throw in more money to at least make the transition comfortable.

Sorry for the interruptions – we wrote this in Stoffer. What?! No, we can’t hear anything either!